Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Week in Review ...

Whew ....

This was the first week (Week 9) of the Build Phase of my HIM training plan.  It was the first time that significant  intensity (Speed Intervals, Hills, Tempo) was added to my workouts and I was really looking forward to testing out my base.

Here are the numbers:

Swim -  4 workouts - 4h 25m - 10,100 Yds
Bike  -  5 workouts - 9h 37m - 171.50 Mi
Run   -  4 workouts - 3h 59m - 26.52 Mi
Totals - 13 workouts - 18h 01m

Longest Swim -  3100 Yds
Longest Bike -   84 Mi  (108 Degrees on ride)
Longest Run -    13.2 Mi

This is my largest weekly volume YTD.

Overall my body is feeling surprisingly well? The legs have responded even better than I expected to the intensity and that extra gear that has been missing from my running came back.  I have iced and foam rolled everyday and even twice a few times.  The base fitness passed the test!

What I am even more pleased about is how well I have acclimated to the extreme heat and humidity.  Yes it still sucks and is uncomfortable and my running pace is higher but my energy is no longer being completely drained like it was two months ago.  And I have a kick ass tan -- eat your heart out George Hamilton!

I hope everyone has a great week!

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  1. Dude, this is all putting money in the bank for race day. You. Are. Doing. Great.

    I'm sure George would be proud too.

  2. Great week of training! Getting acclimated to the heat is really going to help you in the long run. It will do wonders for you when it comes time to do Ironman Texas!

  3. your numbers are really, really good! i'm impressed especially acclimating to that awful heat and humidity. i agree though, it has gotten less draining with a little more exposure. we still don't have to like it though! you make me feel like a slacker in the pool :(
    Need to get another day in somewhere. Have a great week!

  4. Nice job Jeff! There is no way that I could handle Texas's hot summer weather! You are amazing:) Isn't it something how our bodies adapt!

  5. 18+ hours in the heat.. Well done - that was not a cooked reference.

  6. Wow - scary times. Great job! I wish I had those time, half, a fourth of that:)

  7. Jeff-
    Fantastic bike stats...very well done!! The other stats solid too, but those bike #'s .. .

  8. Are you sure that you are just training for a HIM??? Those numbers look more like IM training!!! :)

    Great job!!!

  9. I am with Kevin. You can do an Ironman on that volume!

    Nice job! Keep it up!

  10. Sorry, did you say 10,100 yards of swimming? This MUST be a misprint?!

    Ironman? You'll be fine hombre.

  11. I'm sure George Hamilton is jealous! Very nice totals, especially that swim number.

  12. Kicking butt homie. Have you discovered a way to lengthen days? I thought I had time management down to a science when I squeezed out 11 hours a few weeks ago.

  13. Jeff Irvin.... 3 hour ironman... the book?
    Be sure to leave some water for me at the aid stations come next May

  14. seriously... 18+ hours, that is disturbing.

    I am praying you stay injury free, this is serious intensity for the body!


  15. Nice numbers, and good to hear the gears are coming back, I am still looking for mine.

  16. Fantastic week! Like you say, "The base fitness passed the test". Well done!