Monday, August 16, 2010

RE: To Patrick @ The Road [A Multi-Sport Blog]

This weekend Patrick posted an Open Letter to me at his blog, The Road [A Multi-Sport Blog].  The post was in response to my Fight Club submission earlier in the week trying to reverse-karma myself into blowing out a tube.  Yeah, I know it sounds confusing and that wasn't much of a teaser but click the links if you really want to know what all the rambling on is about.

Anyway, I posted a response in his comments and here is that reply:

RE: What tires are you using?


Yes, I agree the cosmos has somehow been aligned so that the sun has been shinning on my tubes for quite some time. My fear is the streak is going to be snapped during a race.  Hence the reason I tried to Murphy's Law myself with the referenced post.

First, here is my gear: Tires - Bontrager Race Lite 700x23, Hard Case Triple Puncture Protection. Being used on my stock QR Alex 220 Wheels. I also occasionally ride a Zipp 440 Front with a Continental Tubular. Tubes are inflated to around 110psi.

Now as to why have I not flatted in over 2500+ miles? I have no real answer only thinly veiled guesses. I am perplexed and that explains my "Fight Club" post. Up is down and down is left? 

Normally a slight like mine (the post) would lead the cycling gods to strategically place glass and metal shards throughout my bike route. They have let this one pass? Two rides since that post and still no flat so it must be something else? Here are my guesses ...

I am a bike maintenance freak! At least once a week I clean all my components with degreaser and a toothbrush. I take my wheels and rear cassette off and clean as well. I take my tires off and check the rim tape and I have had to replace the tape once too. I always run my hand and a clean towel up and down each side of the rim and check for irregularities or sharp objects.  Surely this would help maintain tube life, right?

Now I showed my wife this post and her guess is that I am just lucky at things like this. She referenced I have similar luck with parking (drives her nuts). We can be at a mall on the Saturday before Xmas and someone will backout of a spot in front every single time leaving it just for me. While most other people will drive around forever looking to find even a decent parking spot.  This irritates her probably the same way the lack of flat issue irritates you!

So to recap: The best guesses is it is a combination of complex planetary alignment, OCD-like bike maintenance, and pure dumb luck!


Tyler Durden

Sometimes it is best to just not over-think good fortune!

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  2. My God man... have you seen Patrick's picture? I wouldn't take that from a guy that looks like Vin Diesel and I don't think you should either.

    Shit, he probably weighs 250 pounds based on the pic and you weigh what? 140? I think we found the reason you don't flat and he does... GAIN SOME WEIGHT buttercup!!!

    Oh, and dont forget... have a nice day.

  3. I ride some sort of Bontrager tires and tubes and just got my first flat after about 700 miles I think. Maybe it's the Bontragers?

  4. You are really tempting fate arnt you, or do you just want a flat so you can test your field skills. Just saying, never, ever forget your flat kit from here on out. Geez, you have guts, I dont ever try to piss the bike gods off.

  5. I'm with BDD, carry your bike kit with you at all times. Don't ever forget it :)

  6. Also with BDD...i hope you flat out soone just so the God's don't make you stew in fear too long.

  7. Gosh... I really should be cleaning my bike more often...

  8. One Hour--

    I think you should have said, EAT SANDWICH BUTTERCUP!!

    Great back and forth--on both parts and you really are tempting fate!!

  9. I just passed 5000 lifetime miles on my bike. I have only had one flat and it wasn't even on a ride (went out to the garage and it was flat before I even started). I started with Continental UltraRace tires and switched to Michelin Krylion Carbon tires after about 2500 miles.

    My 2 tips/tricks:
    -Always check/inflate tires before EVERY ride. I shoot for 110 to 120 PSI.
    -Cheap tires for the trainer. Come winter time, I'll swap out my good tires for a cheaper pair that I don't care if I burn through.

    *knock on wood* *throwing salt over my shoulder* (etc.)

  10. You have great luck and super neatness on your side. I hope the streak continues!