Friday, December 11, 2009

New Trainer gets a Ride

It is now 5 full days after the 50k Trail Run and I am finally feeling like myself again. I almost went for a run yesterday but decided to give it one more day. Sometimes I need to reel in the desire or antsy-ness and give my body the rest in needs. Bottom line is that I probably did some damage to my legs and they need a little break.

Well, that is now over so I went for a quick get-to-know-ya ride on my new CycleOps Fluid 2 indoor Trainer. I have it set-up in my upstairs game room and found a stupid movie on TV and went for 25 minutes. Man, the amount of sweat one can generate on that trainer in amazing! I had an overhead fan on and still was dripping by the end. I am going to love the trainer and feel pretty confident that the improvements are going to be substantial! My right IT band was tightening up some so I stopped and stretched for about another 20 minutes.

I am beginning to have some concerns about the IT band. Over the years I have always healed up rather quickly from a numerous amount of injuries. This thing doesn't seem to be responding to ice, heat, or stretching. It does not really hurt but it is more of an annoying tightness. Oh well, just going to have to be aware that it is tender and try and not push it to an injury.

On Monday I am going to begin a 20 week Triathlon training program leading me right up to the April 24th LoneStar Triathlon. I am really looking forward to getting back in the pool and on the bike. As weird as it is to type this I am going to miss the 100 mile + running months. I have really grown to enjoy running! The good news is that I can always add extra running miles to the training plan especially since I have a decent base now. And with the Austin 1/2 Marathon coming up on Valentine's day I don't want to lose all the running conditioning I have gained!

Tomorrow Annie and I are going to do the P90X Stretch X video. I am hopeful this will get me back to 100%. Then on Sunday she is scheduled to do 14 miles (Higdon Plan) and I might tag along for 5 or so of them miles.

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  1. Glad to see you recovering. Have you tried some type of muscle stripping? When the muscle gets injured, little adhesions form during the healing process and can cause some muscle function loss.
    Probably needs a good stripping. Try it out and keep on pushing.

  2. I have my trainer in my workout room which is air conditioned and I still sweat like a pig!

    I learned a lot about pushing myself too hard and getting injured during this past few months. It is definitely not worth it. For me it was a case where my mind still thinks I am in my 20's, but my body is that of a 53 year old. I still have a dull pain in my left knee. While it is not too bad, it is a permanent injury.

    So let your IT band heal even if you have to push back your tri training or at least do more swimming while it heals.

    Oh, what the hell... your still young!

  3. That X-Stretch video is actually pretty good. There's not a muscle group that isn't worked in that one.

    Someone mentioned it earlier, but I'd get one of those fans on a stand with remote control so you can crank it up or down as needed.

  4. Jason - this is the first time I have ever heard the term "Muscle Stripping" -- According to the "intertubes" it looks like a massage that lengthens your muscles and takes out all of the knots and such?

    I have never had a massage in my life. I know it sounds weird but it has never appealed to me. My wife goes all the time and keeps trying to get me to go but I have never really felt the need. Usually I am pretty stretched out.

    But it might be the time to try.

  5. boomer and steve - picked up a big ass fan at the walmart today!

  6. IT Bands are no joke -- sorry you are dealing with one. Wish I had some words of consolation, but I got nothin'.

    Good luck getting it back to 100%.