Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Week Two, Day Two: 45 min cycle + 30 min run

Being that this is my second week of the 1/2 Ironman training program I have a little idea of what to expect. And last week I felt like Tuesdays were going to be the most challenging days for me, well today confirmed that suspicion ....

When I say challenging I mean physically challenging. Here is my reasoning: Sunday is usually a long bike day, Monday starts of with a run workout and finished with a swim workout. Then comes Tuesday which is usually a shorter run day followed by at least an hour bike. So today when I woke up and my legs felt a little stiff I thought to myself that it must be Tuesday!

This morning I got on my trainer and watched FoxNews. My workout called for 1 hour but due to an early work start and me losing track of time on email and sales data. I had to cut it to 45 minutes. I was very antsy today and the 45 minutes felt like it last forever. Maybe it was because FoxNews has a clock on the corner of the picture and I could see it the entire time. At any rate, I got the time in and logged a good workout. I jumped in the shower and as I was eating breakfast and hustling out the door I noticed my legs were feeling beat down. Not good knowing I had an evening run scheduled.

After driving about 180 miles throughout the day I made it home and Annie was right behind me. My scheduled called for a 30 minute run in the RPE 2-3 range. Even though I was feeling tired after about a mile I started to feel pretty good. The first mile I did in 9:30. As I heard the mile beep on my Garmin I decided to pick it up a little. My second mile was done in 7:40. At about 2.5 miles I started to feel a warm spot on my left heal and slowed down. I remembered that was the same spot I had that nasty blister from the 50k and it isn't healed up yet! I was just wearing thin liner socks since it was a short run day and decided it was probably a good idea to not rip that heal up anymore than it already is. My total mileage was 3:35 in 30 minutes.

So I guess this Tuesday wasn't so bad. My legs feel better after the workouts than before!

Tomorrow is a 30 minute swim which I am going to do in the evening to give myself a full day to recover.

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  1. The indoor trainer is tough to do. Going an hour outsides is way better than 1 hour indoors. So I can feel your pain.

    Doing a half iron man training schedule is daunting to me. Not only is the physical component nuts, but the time commitment is crazy. Dude I give you props!!!

    Hey, how about Congressman Parker Griffith from Alabama switching sides!!!

  2. I happened across the Biggest Loser last night (at least, thats what I thought it was). I've never watched the show, but I guess it was a recap of how one of the guys did the Ironman Triathlon. He didn't qualify as a finisher because he didn't finish in 17 hours, but he did eventually cross the finish line and missed qualifying by three minutes. I was very happy for him!

    I do have to tip my cap to you...that kind of training requires a ton of time, not to mention the mental aspect of sticking to the training and plowing past the pain.

  3. Boomer - The 1/2 IM plan I choose was actually less daunting then the Oly distance plan I was going to do .. I know weird? But this one isn't too bad. Roughly 9 workouts per week with one rest day and it averages between 7hrs - 12hrs per week of training. So it isn't all that time consuming!

    I saw Griffith changed parties yesterday. I just hope it was more out of anger at the Dem party as opposed to a move of self preservation. Either way people are downright PO'd at the out of control spending and I wouldn't be surprised if we don't see more of this!

    Steve - I saw that TBL "Where are they now?" episode. Kona beat that former biggest loser contestant up pretty good. HE was also mentioned on the Kona recap on NBC last weekend. You got to have respect for an Iron Distance race and you MUST have the training or it is going to be the most painful day of your life! Part of me is glad he didn't finish in 17hours because if he did it would sort of minimize the IM in my mind, but I am a retard at times! I could probably complete an IM in under 17 hours right now but it would hurt and I wouldn't enjoy it at all because I would be under-trained for it. If I ever go for that distance I will be trained for it first.