Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Week Two, Day Three: 30 Min Swim Rest Day

I have done a workout for 10 straight days and doubles for 6 of those days. Well, the lack of rest and recovery hit me pretty hard today. Normally my meat head self would pretend it was fine and push through and make it worse. But today I used reason and common sense and decided to take a break. Well, that is what I am telling myself but the fact that traffic was freaking awful and my gym is next to a mall really helped me decide. Now I am not going to skip a day. That would be too much for me to handle so I will just replace today with the scheduled rest day on Saturday and get my 30 minute swim in then!

Okay now I have some random thoughts I need to get off my mind:

  • Kudos to the congressman from Alabama Parker Griffith for switching parties to now become a Republican. I would have been more impressed if he switched to an Independent or Libertarian but at least he is taking a stand against the astronomical spending in our Congress.
  • I used to think that a 3rd party (tea party, conservative ... etc) would be a bad idea and just divide Republicans the way Progressives have splintered the Democrats but now I think it might be needed to define where the Republican Party actually stands on anything.
  • If I see one more story about some Special Interest groups being upset about Christmas displays including/excluding their religion/cult/whatever my head may actually explode. Really, this might happen. We have become such a soft PC nation.
  • "Inside the NFL" is still the best football related show on the air today!
  • I am feuding with my older Pug Ernie. He acts like he is always hungry and his new thing is whining. I have to break this or he will never stop. We have been avoiding each other.
  • I really want to see "Avatar" at the IMAX. I know it is probably cheesy but those special effects just look so mind numbingly awesome.
  • I was in the barber shop the other day waiting for my turn and started to read a Sports Illustrated. I used to love SI and had a subscription until my early 20's and never renewed after many different moves. It made me think of being a kid and how much I loved sports when I first picked it up. I actually found myself smiling at the cover. Then I opened it up and and began to read and felt bad at the piece of shit this magazine has turned into. Even go sports journalism has turned into a Tweet ... very disappointing.
  • My mother sent Annie and I some homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies yesterday. Ever year I ask her not to do this because they are one of my few vices. Every year she still sends them and every year I eat every single one. This year is no different. Thanks Mom!
  • I finally got around to watching the Ironman World Championship on the DVR. I have watched this for the last few years and have enjoyed every minute of it. Some of the stories from the Age Groupers are so inspiring! There was one guy who was 79 years old doing his 20th IM, just amazing. They had another story about a women who had a stroke and was unable to walk but fought back to compete at Kona. Then they also show some of the people that have incredible stories but are unable to finish the race. These always get me because you can see how hard these people trained and they failed but it is also humbling because it shows you just how hard doing an IM actually is. If you haven't seen it search for it on YouTube - it is so good!
  • The Steelers vs Packers game last Sunday was one of the best games I have ever seen. The had a recap on NFL Network and the number of good plays in that game were absolutely amazing. Big Ben has his flaws as a QB but the one thing you have to say about the guy is that he is just clutch. Time and time again he makes the big throw and just puts this team on his shoulders. Dude dropped 503 yards passing last week. Amazing! Steelers are still on life support and if they can get by Baltimore this week they could be dangerous.
  • I am very excited that both "Lost" and "24" are returning next month!
I feel much better.

I want to wish my readers a Merry Christmas and remind you to try and be sensible in your food selections!

Tomorrow is a 1 hr run.

Thanks for Reading,



  1. I think the meat head thing actually does more harm than good. However, it is a hard habit to break!

    Griffith's switch is great news. Apparently McCain is also talking with Rep Chris Carney about the same thing.

    I really like the Tea Party movement. It really solidifies what Americans REALLY want. Somehow the Democrats have remained ignorant and continue to push their liberal agenda forward. I saw an interview with one of the leaders of the Tea Party and he said that instead of creating a new political party, he is hoping that the GOP will return to their original principles... the principles that the tea party movement has been encouraging.

    Hey, I could put one of my dogs in your "a$$hole" picture for the same reason.

  2. Whoa...after reading "random thoughts," I thought you were going to go all Stewart Smalley on us. But not you man!

    I like Griffith's switch, but the Republican brand has been tarnished so much I'm not encouraged until I start seeing roll-call votes. What got us into this mess were Democrats AND a bunch of Republicans acting like Democrats. Screw 'em! I like the Tea Party idea, so I hope the GOP will take on something like Gingrich's Contract With America....and not be afraid of the liberal media when it takes sides against them.

    ...ditto what you said about SIG's and Christmas displays. We've taken the 10 Commandments out of courthouses, but we're distributing the Koran to our prisoners, all on our dime.

    ...your pug must've been watching Keith Olbermann. Geez...this guy should go back to sports news where I actually enjoyed his commentary. Block MSNBC and Ernie will come around. Just watch. kids went to see "Avatar". I told them guys my age go see "Avodart". Thanks to their constant commercials, both my kids enjoyed the joke.

    ...I wonder what it would be like to root for an NFL team that mattered in December. I'm a fan of the Detroit Lions, as well as the Tigers, Wolverines, Red Wings and Pistons. I can't think of another fan base that actually mirrors the Michigan economy!

    ...and to you and yours, I wish you a Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a good night!

  3. Jeff - you are nuts. Mom told me she was sending you chocolate chip cookies. I tried to talk her out of it, but she didn't listen. She does the same to me with Oatmeal creme ones. This is one temptation that I simply can't resist. However, I did tell her she wasn't permitted to bring them to our house tonight. I sure hope that she listens!

    I miss you guys! I'm sure we will talk tomorrow.


  4. Boomer - I like the Tea Party message as well. However, I actually think guys like McCain are as much to blame for the current state of our economy/country. His centralist views and lefty voting record just do not match his conservative rhetoric. Personally I think the GOP needs to quit pandering to the moderate Repubs and start supporting the likes of the Michelle Bachmann's and Tim Pawlenty's who have a strong conservative message.

    Michael Steele, Chairman of the RNC, keeps sending out emails asking for money. I wrote him a letter telling him the day the GOP begins to mirror the fiscally conservative message of the Tea Party movement is the day I donate. Until that happens the RNC will not see a penny from me.

  5. Steve, I agree 100% with you about the GOP and the "message to America" ... right now the GOP is nothing but a party of whiners. I could put a pic of them up next to Ernie(-:. They have no message and are so divided as a party on how to come up with a message that they just muddy their water.

    Keith Obermann is such a joke. He used to be funny on SportsCenter. The thing about him is that no one ever watches his show so people don't realize how shitty he actually is? Heck, MSNBC has awful ratings as well. Their tagline should be, "We Talk. No One Hears it."

    DET hasn't been that bad. The Lions yes, but Red Wings. Tigers, and Pistons have had recent success. Granted they are all spiraling downward right now! I am a huge Pittsburgh Pirates Fan. Have even been to Spring Training in FL to watch them. They have 17 consecutive losing seasons right now with #18 right around the corner. At least the Steelers and Pens are good!

  6. Hi Liz, We miss you guys too!

    I tell mom not to send them but a little part of me is very excited when the cookies get here!

  7. Do you want more interesting?
    The Dallas Cowboys will try and avoid a letdown on Sunday night football as they face the Washington Redskins at 8:20pm EST on NBC. The Cowboys are coming off their biggest win of the season last week as they handed the New Orleans Saints their first loss of the season 24-17 as 7.5-point underdogs in NFL Draft football betting. Now the Cowboys face the Redskins who are coming off their worst performance of the season as they were blown out by the New York Giants 45-12. Dallas is a 6.5-point NFL Draft betting favorite in Sunday night football odds with a total of 42 at online sportsbooks. The Cowboys actually can win the NFC East if they win against Washington on Sunday and then the following week against Philadelphia. The key on Sunday will be avoiding a letdown.
    Merry Christmas!And have a good time!

  8. Jeff... Yes, the GOP (and McCain) needs to re-examine their values. There are too many of them heading towards the progressives. Although I have given money to the GOP in the past, I am actually a conservative independent. I just can align myself with either party. I blame both parties for the mess we are in (although I think the liberal dems and their idealogy ate the most to blame). I think the Tea Party is so attractive to me because I am, in fact, a conservative independent. I also like how Beck is exposing this administration for what it really is. I even admire Palin for standing her ground.