Monday, April 26, 2010

Push Up Challenge Week 6 ... The End of the Road

Alright everybody, if you have followed the plan and advanced past week 5 then this will be your last week in the push up challenge!  If you were unable to finish up Week 5, no biggie, you can go back and repeat this week and then move on.  Good job to all of you that have stuck to the plan and if you happened to waiver some that is okay because you can pickup and start again.

After Week 5 you were supposed to do an exhaustion test to see which column you fall into for Week 6.  If you haven't done that yet then do it today and start Week 6 tomorrow.

Here is the Week 6 Schedule:

Personally, I have achieved to the 60+ column and am ready to give it hell this last week and hopefully nail 100 on Sunday.  If you are not there yet then just keep pounding away at it and you will do it.

Drop a comment and let us all know how you are doing.  James and Boomer have already surpassed the 100 rep barrier .... has anyone else yet?

Thanks for reading,



  1. And I am the official "take me off the board, I am not worthy" guy that probably can do less push ups than when I started.
    (But I had good reason not wanting to put a kink in my IM training, but I am going to do after IMSG)


  2. I will do it tonight and let you know.

  3. Good luck, Jeff! This weeks PU routine does look brutal, but so did the final four weeks of P90X, and you nailed it. You'll nail this. I will do this challenge when my baseball season is over, or when I blow out my left knee...whichever comes first.

  4. Yes, I "surpassed the 100 rep barrier".

    ..... it was ..... amazing ... in my dreams last night.

    Still counts right!???

  5. Awesome job with your challenge! I had to postpone the challenge for awhile. :( I tweaked something in my right wrist and when I did push-ups it really hurt. But, I'm super excited that I even made it to 30 consecutive push-ups! I'm hoping to get back to the program next week!

  6. Hi Jeff,
    Yea, I suck at this push-up stuff! I am doing more than when I first started but I was hoping that I would magically be able to do it much sooner. Last night I did the test and I have made it up to 45....and it hurt like hell...well, the last five did:)

  7. Jeff, you are well past the half way point. With your conditioning it would not surprise if you get your hundred this weekend.