Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sunday Morning Ramblings ....

Only got a few minutes to post before I have to leave for the Easter Brunch.  When did brunch become so important on Easter anyway?  My wife said it is because it gives women a chance to dress cute and take pictures ... she might be right?

  • Yesterday was a fun training day.  We had the club Duathon in the morning.  It was a 2 mi run followed by a 13 mi bike ride followed by another 2 mi run.  Annie participated and did very well.  Every time I saw her she had a big smile on her face.  One of the ladies in the group, Karen, stayed with Annie through the entire event.  That was a very nice thing for her to do so Thank you Karen!
  • I am not sure of my times in the Du.  I was the second runner in on the first leg with a 12:39 time (6:19/mi pace) and then I had some issues on the bike.  I started pedaling and my legs felt sooo heavy.  I was having trouble pushing 17mph on the flat out of the park. But the effort I was putting in should of had me in that 22-23mph range?  The back of the bike just had a weird heavy feeling? I am thinking maybe I just blew myself up on the run? About 2 miles in you start down a long hill and I could barely get the bike up to 17mph in aero going downhill?  Okay, something was wrong?  I kept hearing a slight "whoosh" sound so at the bottom of the hill I jumped off the bike and realized my rear brakes pads were brushing against the rim.  I unlatched and straightened the tire and was back on my way.  I am such a newb!  When we finished up the guys were all asking me what happened and one of the guys, Stu, said, "didn't you ride the bike before we started?" --- He had a very good point!  Lesson learned.  I had taken my bike off the trainer and just put it on the car rack.  As for the times, I forgot to stop my Garmin so I'll have to wait to see the results once the club posts them.  I think I was the 4th place finisher?
  • After the Du a few of us made the 45 minute drive down to Lake 288 for another OWS.  This is my 3rd OWS in the last 6 days!  I am ready to declare myself ready for the first Tri of the season this coming Saturday!  We had a sunny, 85 degree day with the water temperature at 68 degrees.  Just an awesome day for a swim!  I am estimating we did about 2200-2400 meters around the buoys.  I am just loving my Xterra Vortex 3 Wetsuit.  
  • Whole Wheat Pizza is amazing!  A little restaurant down the road from us has a whole wheat pizza that is so good.  As most of my old P90X readers know I maintain a pretty clean diet but love pizza!  Unfortunately, most pizza is made with white enriched flour and that is a big No-No.  Now, this whole wheat pizza is still something Annie and I only eat in moderation but it is so awesome to get my pizza fix in every few weeks or so!
  • I love Opening Day of Baseball.  I have to drive up to College Station for the day tomorrow but I have XM radio and will be able to listen to a bunch of games.  It will be so nice to listen to baseball instead of getting angry listening to political talk radio.
  • This was my recovery week.  I have only trained for about 5 hours (per my plan) and my body is feeling very fresh because of it ... going to spin on the trainer tonight just to help the legs recover from yesterday's efforts.
  • It is always amazing to me the amount of people that flock to the Easter Mass at the Vatican.  Over 100,000 people and it is raining.  Faith is an amazing thing.
Thanks for Reading and Happy Easter!



  1. happy Easter Jeff! I'm so impressed and super envious of all the OWS you have done this week. simply awesome! there is a tri coach that organizes an OWS on Wednesday afternoons and it is right near where I work. he charges $9 per session and gives you instruction/feedback. I'm going to do that twice this month. I'll keep you posted. have a great rest of the weekend!

  2. Happy Easter! You guys can try to make your own pizza with whole wheat pizza dough...that would be pretty healthy as well since you can control what goes on there.

    Sorry you had to find out the hard way about double-checking your bike before an event! But now you know :) And that's still pretty great to come in at 4th place!

  3. I was going to make a comment on how lucky you are to have a lake.... guess I need to talk to KC because it appears we have one too.

  4. It happens to all of us, remember I work my bike shorts backwards

  5. Nice work Jeff!! I think fourth place is fantastic:) Just think, the more you do these the better you will and learn:) Happy Easter!!

  6. I love pizza too. I try and make my own when I can with healthy ingredients but it is still pizza! Yum! Nice training BTW, I think you are read for the races! Cheers!

  7. Ah... the brake adjustment. Another feather in your experience hat. I am lucky that I can throw my bike in the back of my truck with everything adjusted and intact.