Monday, June 14, 2010

Anti Monkey Butt Review ...

Anti Monkey Butt Powder

What is Monkey Butt you ask? Well, according to the Anti Monkey Butt website it is a term used by motorcycle riders to describe the soreness, itching and redness that occurs when you ride and sweat on a motorcycle for hours.  If you have to walk bowlegged like a monkey to prevent your skin from rubbing, you have Monkey Butt!

Now that we have that cleared up let us replace the words "motorcycle riders" and "motorcycle" with "cyclists" and "road bike" and re-read the above sentence.  Now you can see how this fits in to a triathlete's life!

Ohhhh, all starting to come together now?  

As triathletes we spend a lot of time sitting on our butts!  In a normal Half Ironman training program it is not unusual to have over 8 hours a week sitting on your butt in the saddle and even more if training for a full Iron Distance. And you know what this leads to right?  Monkey Butt!

We have all been there.  That soreness and irritation in that area that is not fun to have soreness and irritation.  We get off the bike and sort of slide our shorts down just a little bit so they no longer contact skin.  We do that goofy looking wide legged walk and cannot wait to change our shorts and when we finally do we have Monkey Butt.  Not very good times my friends.

The good news is there is a solution and it is aptly named Anti Monkey Butt Powder.  So when the nice folks at Robin Leedy & Associates sent me some Anti Monkey Butt Powder to sample the least I could do was try it out and write up a review.

The Review:

Day 1 -  It is a Wednesday evening and the temperature is 92 degree with about 70% humidity.  It is soaking wet hot outside.  I opened up the Anti Monkey Butt Powder and the thing I liked was that it had a pleasant smell.  Very talcum powder like but not nearly as strong.  It was liberally poured onto my chamois in my bike shorts and then I pulled those suckers up.  The first thing I noticed was that I did not notice a thing.  The powder absorbed right into my chamois - excellent!  I jumped on my bike and within about a mile was already dripping sweat.  

After about 30 minutes it was time to head back to the house.  Once back I remembered the whole purpose of this ride was to try out the Anti Monkey Butt Powder.  That is very cool because it meant I forgot all about it and the reason I forgot all about it was that I had zero irritation -  Zilch, nadda!  Trial One was very successful.

Day 2 - The first trial was extremely positive but it was such a short ride that I figured an additional test on a longer ride would be needed until I could write my final review.   Bike is loaded on the car and I was off to Deussen Park to get in 25 miles.  I got there and once again sprinkled a liberal amount of the powder onto my chamois and was off.  It was 84 degrees at 7am and you could literally see the humidity in the air.  It was an extremely uncomfortable morning which is exactly the test conditions that were needed.

The total ride time last one hour and thirty-five minutes over 25.33 miles.  Not one time did I need to stand up and readjust the junk on the saddle or shift to one side or the other to prevent irritation.  And just like the ride on Wednesday no Monkey Butt was experienced.  My backside actually felt pretty good.  I would even go as far to say that my butt felt rather soothed!


After two rides in hot and humid conditions I feel confident in giving Anti Monkey Butt Powder two enthusiastic thumbs up.   This stuff does what it says it does which is absorb excess sweat and reduce frictional skin irritation.  In my opinion the best thing about Anti Monkey Butt Powder is that it is easy and clean to apply. I have tried a similar gel based product in the past which is messy and cumbersome to apply.  The powder delivery system of Anti Monkey Butt Powder is much more convenient when compared to the gel based ones.

Anti Monkey Butt Powder also comes in gender specific formulas.  Meaning that the gals should use the pretty looking and smelling Pink Bottles:

And the guys should use the manly looking Yellow bottles:

Now after reading how I no longer have a red and irritated bum you are probably wondering how you too can rid yourself of the dreaded Monkey Butt.  The Anti Monkey Butt Powder can be purchased at the company website (here) or if you cannot wait another minute you can run out now to a number of different retailers (here).

AND ...

Tomorrow morning I will be running a Give-Away and one lucky guy and gal will each have multiple chances to win a bottle of Anti Monkey Butt Powder.  Check back tomorrow for details!


**Disclaimer:  This product review is my opinion alone.  Only my butt was used to conduct the research and no monkeys were harmed during the review.  Product was issued to me free of charge but other than sample product I received no compensation for the review.**


  1. I have anti monkey butt, thought I was the only person to have it, and it seems so fitting your the only other person I know who has it.

    I love it, I use it just for the bike, not for tri's, I tried it once for a tri, it gets pretty nasty to try and clean it up afterwards.

  2. Interesting post Scott. I was going to ask how it does with wet conditions down there... like SUBMERGED haha.

    Jeff, does it help with soreness? I often have to readjust the junk after about 8 miles. Then I get out of the saddle regularly to allow things to calm down too.

    I would be interested in trying it for my workouts.

  3. Awesome review!

    So now the final test is will it last through a swim? Or is this merely for training purposes?

  4. Matt - On my 25 mile ride I didn't have to readjust once and usually that is a common occurrence. And zero soreness - I was pretty impressed with the stuff.

    Jon - I haven't tried it in the pool yet. I am swimming this evening maybe I'll wear my Tri shorts and see if it works when wet. My guess is that it will be used more for training than racing just because of the swim. And if you see what Diesel wrote above it looks like it isn't a good choice for swimming. I am going to try it in my running shorts and shoes too ... bet it works well. Maybe even sprinkle it on the nipples so stop the nipple chafe!

  5. Not sure why, but I've not used any products while cycling like chamois cream, because I've not had any problems apart from numbness, which I ascribed to the saddle. Now I want to try this out and maybe some other stuff, see if it might help the soreness as well. Great review.

  6. Thank God there were no other pictures than of the actual product. Thank you

  7. I've got some crazy as& monkey butt after 2 days in the saddle, I am going to try this stuff out! I did use Chamois butter but it did not work worth a hill of beans!

  8. I definitely want to try this stuff. Great review!

  9. Ok, I had mixed feelings with this. I mean, I have a rough time reading about another man's butt. LOL!

  10. I want to try the powder. The chamois butter work fine but you, know it sorta feels like you just did a load in your shorts if you use too much.

  11. P- Chamois butter is the stuff i used before. It worked but felt gross initially putting it on. the Monkey Butt is a powder so it doesn't give you that just-dropped-a-load-in-your-shorts feeling.

  12. I need me some Monkey butt powder! Bag Balm just isn't cutting it and i hate the way it feels after about 5 minutes into the gross!

  13. ooohh! Love the pink anti monkey butt, lol! It is 4;45 am and I am thinking I am crazy to go sit on my butt for an hour long 5 am bike ride. Hopefully no monkeys involoved! What we don't do for this sport : )

  14. Hi Jeff,
    Okay, so as you know I am going to purchase a bike after this marathon thing is over:) Getting a little scared! Are you telling me that I am going to need a product called Anti Monky Butt? What? Really? Thanks for the review!

  15. I have always used Butt-r but my motorcyle riding friends swear by thier monek butt; I have though about giving it a shot next time I run out.

  16. Great review! I was glad to hear that you didn't get any monkey butt after your rides! I didn't know it was powder, but I can see how it would be easier to apply than chamois butter.

  17. hmmm. I'm not a triathlete, so thankfully i don't have to deal with this! I guess it's one of the side effects of being an awesome, hard core athlete, huh?