Sunday, June 20, 2010

New Training Begins Tomorrow ...

Tomorrow is the start of my new training and I'd like to thanks Kevin @ Ironman By Thirty for doing me a solid by emailing me a spreadsheet with the HIM plan I have been working on - Essential Week-By-Week Training Guide by Matt Fitzgerald.  If you have not seen this plan it has about 15 pages of codes that represent individual workouts in each swim, bike or run session.  Extremely meticulous.  These codes need to be input into each training session.  I was already through about 6 weeks (of 20) of manual entry when Kevin offered to send me the plan with an entire workbook with the codes already entered into a Lookup Page.  It was still a pain to go through and change the codes to fit the actual plan but Kevin literally saved me HOURS -- Thank You Kevin!

Here is what Week One of the plan looks like (Click image to see expanded view):
If you notice on the plan the days run from Tuesday - Sunday.  So this means I get to begin tomorrow with the scheduled Monday REST DAY - rather anti-climactic huh?

If anyone would like a copy of the spreadsheet send me an email (jeffirvin AT gmail DOT com) and I will forward it on to you.  But if you are going to use this plan you probably want to pickup the book (pretty cheap on Amazon) because it explains everything in detail. It has 42 plans from Sprints all the way up to Full Iron Distance and you can choose which level of volume best fits your life and schedule.  Here is the Amazon Link:

  • Had a good workout with my Tri Club yesterday morning. We had a social run which you could choose 2, 4, or 6 miles, I did 4 miles.  Then Bobby, Patrick, Steve, and I stayed and got in about 18 miles on the bike.  Bobby and I were going to stay and get some more miles in but it was already about 95 degrees by 10am so we called it a day.  Thanks to Jama, Mike, and Diane for putting the run together!
  • I watched "Shutter Island" last night.  It was a psychological thriller directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Leonardo DiCaprio.  It was much better than what I thought it was going to be!  About time a decent movie has made it to my DVD player.  It was extremely well produced and the acting was excellent.   It has a very cool twist to it that made the movie.  I'd give it  4 out 5 stars - would be a good watch on the trainer or treadmill.
  • My wife is home from her work trip today so we are going to hit the grocery store and load up on all the essential foods for my training.  I see lots of Chicken and veggies in my future.
  • My weight this morning was 162 lbs.  I like to race around 150 lbs so it will be fun to see how quickly I can get to that weight over the next 20 weeks.
  • Check this out - Already got the Tat ready if Ironman Texas is a go (maybe Shutter Island wasn't that good if I had time to make this while watching it!):

... or with a bigger Texas:

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  1. Looks like a great plan. Monday is almost always my rest day--I kind of like having that break after a long weekend of training. I'm sure you're gonna reap the benefits of it all!

  2. I like Monday rest days too.

    I read the book Shutter Island, it was so good - I hope the movie measured up.

    I think I like bigger Texas.

    I might pick up that book for next season, the training plan I am using is kind of...haphazard, but I trust it will get the job done.

  3. the first thing that jumped out at me about this post is that you weigh less than me. Grrrr.

    And the tatoo....I've been hemming and hawing for years about getting one. have it picked out, and might go through with it after the marathon.

  4. Good luck with your training plan. You picked a very intense schedule!

  5. I though Shutter Island was pretty good as well. All the Dennis Lehane books are good. I know you read the Lee Child/Jack Reacher series so you'd like Lehane as well.

    As to the tattoo I'd try to size Texas roughly between the two you show now.

  6. Hi Jeff,
    Good luck with your new training plan! If anyone can do it you can! How come a man can loose weight so much faster than a woman? So not fair:) Chicken & veggies are my favorite! Good luck to you!

  7. Oooh, I like the tat idea of getting the state/country of origin as a backdrop to the mdot. I'm a tattoo fanatic (I love them, have just one but plan on getting a few more within the next decade or so, including an IM one)...
    Of the 2 tattoo designs, I like the first, with the smaller Texas outline, but I'd move the mdot up a little bit so the circle of the mdot is higher up, and so that there is more of the lower outlines of Texas showing below so that it is clearly defined.
    That's my 2 cents!!! :)

  8. I've been curious about Shutter Island. I thought it looked pretty good, but I'm worried that it might be too creepy for me.

    Good luck with the beginning of the new training plan!

  9. Going to enjoy reading your posts during the training.

    Btw, I vote for the big Texas.

  10. Good luck with your new training plan! It looks like a good one. I've heard great things about that book. I may have to check it out at some point.

    As for the tatoo, I like the first one with the smaller Texas. :)

  11. Enjoy your rest day! I like the aggressive training plan you have chosen to follow. As for the tat, you should just get the entire US map with states done on your back and then after each IM you do in each state, you have an red IM tat put in the middle of that state. If the state is say, Delaware or Rhode Island, then you have the IM off to the side of the map with an arrow pointing to the teeny, weeny state. Hopefully, by the time you've done bunches of them all the states that don't yet have an IM will finally get one. See how my mind works at 4:45am? I like the big Texas with the smaller IM.

  12. Since weekends are when I usually put back to back days of nightmares I like monday as off day as well. This plan looks amazing! I just saw shutter island as well with no expectations so I actaully enjoyed it as well. I like the 1st Tatoo! Thanks for sending me info on the HIM Plan

  13. Glad I could help! I'll send you the bill today. I accept cash, check, or Zipp wheels. :) Thanks too for sending back the Level 10 filled out - maybe I'll get the courage to use it one of these times (doing Level 6 now).

    And even though everything is bigger in Texas, I like the smaller Texas tattoo.

  14. That looks like a great plan. Hard work but you’ll do it. Good luck. I love my Monday rest days.

  15. Good luck with your new training plan, sure looks to be very specific. Have fun with it; the most important part! Cheers!

  16. Good luck with the training plan! I am glad to see that Stutter Island rated hight than monkey shit.

  17. Wow man... that is some serious swim volume for week 1 BASE!

    As going through our training plan right now... which is not nearly as intense/volume crazy... be nice to your body. Your recovery is going to be crucial.

    We have been REALLY feeling the fatigue on the legs this past week. This week is our max volume week and then we start climbing down that ladder til race day.

    Can't stress stretching/recovery enough. That is the biggest thing we learned thus far.

    Good luck man, if anyone can pull this off you would be that man.

    Side note: Few weeks back we were speaking to a race director who has helped with numerous IM events. I was saying I would get the M Dot TAT if I ever complete one. He goes, why would you want to put a corporate logo on your body??? I thought about that and said valid point. Ultimately it signifies and immortalizes your achievement. It says a lot more to me than its just a corporate branding. I back up the TATOO idea. I would focus on the M Dot more than Texas though, unless you love Texas that much :)

  18. I like the tattoo! I was thinking of the exact same thing should I do the Ironman Texas in the Woodlands!

  19. 1. I loved Shutter Isalnd
    2. Good training plan, bring the pain!
    3. I like the tattoo, but as a life long Razorback fan, I cannot give props to the State of Texas! :)

  20. Bring it dude. BRING IT! Train as big as the state of TEXAS. Sleep is no longer a necessity.

  21. Isnt everything bigger in Texas? Is this tattoo going to cover your whole entire back, I mean, you have to do it Texas style.