Monday, September 27, 2010

Week 14 of 20 - Check!

Here are the stats for Week 14:

Swim - 3 Workouts  - 8400 Yds - 4h 10m
Bike  -  4 Workouts - 116 Mi - 6h 15m
Run   -  4 Workouts - 29.75 Mi - 4h 08m
Totals - 11 Workouts - 14h 33m

Long Run - 10.25 Mi
Long Ride - 44 Mi

Overall I was pleased with this week of training.  I missed one swim workout of an 1h 30m which would have put me around the 16h mark.  But with as strong as my swim fitness is feeling this was an okay one to miss.  And it was the long steady swim workout - still got in Masters and Intervals.

The upcoming Week 15 is calling for 20 hours of total training with a long run of 2h 20m and a long ride of 4h 30m.  The long run is going to be a grind on Sunday morning because we are going to see the late stand-up show (10:30PM) of Daniel Tosh - Tosh.0 - on Saturday night!  For as much as I enjoy the Tosh show I figure the Sunday sluggishness will be worth it!!

This is my last week of the Build Phase of the HIM program.  Week 16 will be a recovery week of around 12 hours and then the Peak Phase begins and I cannot wait - Week 17 is calling for 22 hours!

Here is a screen shot of Week 15:

Click Image to View

  • The cold front did come through last night and this morning's run was freaking glorious.  It was 60 degrees and brisk.  I did 10 easy miles at an 8:13 pace and could have easily did another 10 miles.  It was so nice to sweat because you are working out as opposed to sweating because you are outside - such a difference.  This 20hr week is going to be pleasant.
  • New TT Bike News will (hopefully) be coming soon. I was trying to work out the details today but work was extremely busy.  All I am going to say is that I might have to change the blog rating to "Adult Only" or "NC-17" because this bike porn is going to be HOT!
  • A big Shout Out to my buddy Big Daddy Diesel for introducing me to Gordon Ramsey and Hell's Kitchen.  That show is great and Gordon Ramsey is my new hero.  I have been watching old shows of his on BBC and loving every minute of them.
  • Trainer Material for Dudes:  Fight Quest - this is an old show that was recorded in 2008 but is being replayed on the Discovery Channel. It is about two dudes - one a boxer the other an MMA guy - going around the globe learning different fighting styles.  The format is they go through a 5 day training period and then at the end have to fight some Master's from the various martial arts they have just taken a crash course in!  So far I have seen 5 episodes and it is awesome.  They just learned Krav Maga in Israel and got the living shit beat out of them.  They had to take on 10 guys each in 15 second intervals - FULL CONTACT!   This makes the trainer time just fly right by because these two guys  are doing a lot more suffering than me!
  • This Saturday was a big FAIL for me.  Yep, it was the Premier of SHARKTOPUS on SyFy and I screwed up the DVR.  Amateur move, I know.  Anyway, I tried to search for another showing and came up empty.  Surely, SyFy will have to play this sure-to-be piece of cinematic art again?  If anyone caught this gem please let me know just how craptastic it really is.
  • In Fantasy Football News, I need Aaron Rodgers to throw for 5 TD's tonight and they all need to be to Jeremical Finley for me to win.
  • In Real Football News, the Steelers are still rolling right along.  How good are they going to be when they get the alleged rapist QB back?
  • This morning's run happened at 5am and because it is still dark out combined with the Snake Incident from last week the decision was made to drive to the middle of town and run my weekend route.  This didn't help because I probably hurdled a dozen or more sticks/leaves on the sidewalks.  Going to take some time to get back my nerve.
  • Did anyone else watch the new Biggest Loser?  I liked how they went around to different cities and selected the contestants.  I did not like how the person who finished last in the competitions does not get to go on the show.  I mean these were the people who needed the help the most, right?  My wife is afraid that this is going to be the biggest crybaby, drama group ever - she thinks too many tears are being shed way to early.  If she is right it will at least make for good TV.
That is all I got tonight.  Tomorrow is a 4am wakeup for Master's Swim and then an evening bike ride with some vomit inducing intervals.  Hope everyone has a great week of training!

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  1. My husband and I just caught up on the Biggest Loser last night. (Or the night before?) Anyway - I cry every time. Frick. The stories just get me.

    Sounds like your workouts are going well! I'm always so beyond impressed with you triathletes! Total rockstars.

    I ran yesterday morning at 52 degrees! Oh my. It was glorious! My heart rate was amazing! Sadly, I forgot how to dress for that weather, and was sooooo cold for 2 hours after. Lame!

    Have a great week.

  2. Boyfriend and I said the same about the biggest loser... the ones that finished last need it the most!! Oh well - they come back next week and get something or another.

    Going to my first Masters swim class on Wednesday... it will also be first 4am wake up call... ICK! But so goes the life of a wanna-be triathlete!

    Have a great week :)

  3. looks like another solid week. Well done.

  4. - Ramsey is my hero, he just had a show called Master Chef just end, Hells Kitchen on the US channels. BBC has Kitchen Nightmares and my favorite show of his the F Word, did you find that one yet?

    - What I love about fight quest, is that they tell the guest fighters this is just sparring and then the other fighter just wails on them, its funny.

    - Some of the people that "didnt" make it (which they did per the preview of the next show) were the biggest drama babies. Some that didnt make it really gave it their all, some that didnt make it, in my opinion just quit.

  5. Damn dude... the Bucs could have used you in the secondary against Batch. I will bet you would have gotten that pick in the end zone..... (he would have thought... "OH my God it's Irvin", and had flashbacks)

  6. Good news. The Pirate Bay has SHARKTOPUS as a torrent to download, so you are in luck! haha

    I chuckled at your downtown run of hoping over sticks and leaves. People probably thought you were crazy! :)

  7. I saw a snake on my ride this weekend and immediately thought of you and your encounters. Luckily the snake I saw was small and not a rattler!

  8. Planned Pukies - is this part of the plan?

  9. You are killing the training! And I had to laugh at your Steelers comment! My son is a huge Ravens fan and it is driving him crazy that they're doing so well w/o the rapist (as we adults shall call him/Ben as my son shall call him)

  10. Scott, YES I have a few of the Fword DVR'd. Wednesday is on the trainer so that is when more Gordon Ramsey joy gets to enter my life!!

    Bob - He would have thought, "What the hell is that skinny white dude doing out here?"

    Amanda - allegedly (-: I cannot wait for this Sunday's game -- gonna be one of those 9-6 behind the woodshed games.

    Christi - So now whenever you see a snake you are going to think of me So I guess I have that going for me right? hehe

  11. You've
    freaking GOT
    to be kidding me.?!

    We were scanning through stations on Saturday and saw, "SHARKTOPUS" yep, the Pita HAD to go there.

    So really there were actually two people watching this?! I swore we had to be the only ones.

  12. I am really jealous you're seeing Tosh.0 live. I don't know if we can be friends anymore. You should record the set on your phone and email me the mp3.

  13. 60 degrees is brisk? ha ha

    I am jealous that you are seeing Tosh.0 live. He is so funny!! You better give some details!

    Gordon Ramsey is the bomb..excuse me, the FING Bomb. ha

    Stay away from those snakes.