Saturday, November 15, 2008

P90X Day 70: Day of Rest

I am at a casino "resting" today! Wish me luck!

Tomorrow is the Chest, Shoulder and Triceps Workout to begin week 11 ... only 20 days left!

This would be a good time to talk about my post P90X plans. I will be finishing on the 5th of December. I am planning on taking off until around Christmas time! Then I am going to begin P90X + (plus). I already purchased it and have the workout guide and schedule! The P90X + is four more discs (5 workouts) and they are supposed to be very intense.

I am pretty sure I will continue the blog so if anyone out there is wondering how the P90X + works this is the place to come!

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  1. I think I'm gonna try and mix in a little p90x plus myself....The only thing is I want to start bulking at the beginning of march...and end at that end of May. So if I started in january that is 60 days. So I might just start on the 9th of december and then just ease up on my diet for the first week to give me a little break and to enjoy some food I miss like pizza and chinese maybe some ice cream! I know that the + is supposed to be a little more cardio from what i understand so the high protein low carb phase 1 diet should rip off my remaining body fat. After that I think I will mix things up with that crossfit/p90x hybrid schedule to cut back down for summer..... funny thing is I saw a bumpersticker on a car today so i know some other people are doing it around my area.... Check out my dailyplate post today day 68 and let me know what you think about my musings...I'd like some feedback