Saturday, November 29, 2008

P90X Day 84: Kenpo X

Today was supposed to be the X Stretch/Rest day but since I took off Thursday it became my Kenpo day! I used my new heart rate monitor for the first time. My average rate was 132 bpm and the high was 162 bpm. The high was obtained right after the second time doing the jacks and X-jumps. Then it went down as I moved into the blocking sequences. My total calorie burn was 512. I guess that is pretty good for Kenpo.

My diet went well again today despite all those leftovers in the fridge trying to to talk me into eating them .... I said "no" but it was/is difficult. Annie has been working and won't let me throw them away until after she gets a chance to indulge one more time tomorrow!!

Anyways, tomorrow officially marks the last week of P90X for me as I begin the Recovery Week with Yoga. The good news is that I will be beginning P90X + PLUS on December 15th (along with fellow P90Xer Matt and hopefully Mike). I have decided to keep this site up and continue blogging about the PLUS. I will keep the same format of daily posts and put up a new day-by-day calendar and also do the 1-30-60-90 day accountability pictures. So, if you are wondering how P90X + PLUS is as a product I will be here for another 90 days to give you my unbiased reviews. I am about halfway through a P90X + workout tracker on Google Docs so you will be able to track my progress and I would also welcome any comments or suggestions on the site and if their is something you would like to see or something I can add to make the site better.

See you tomorrow for Yoga

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Week 13:

  • Sunday: Yoga
  • Monday: Core Synergistics
  • Tuesday: Kenpo
  • Wednesday: Stretch
  • Thursday: Core Synergistics
  • Friday: Yoga (Day 90)

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