Tuesday, November 18, 2008

P90X Day 73: Arms & Shoulders + ABX

Hello, I hope everyone is doing well. Sorry for the short posts the last few days. I was short on time and sleep from the long weekend and I am a little sick right now -- very good times!

I sucked it up this evening, hydrated like crazy today and pushed play on the Arms and Shoulders DVD and ABX. It actually went very well. I used the black (50lb) band on most of the exercises. I had been using the green (40lb) and red (30lb) bands so I didn't really increase my reps since the black bands are heavier. But I did increase the burn!

ABX was very strong today also. I got through but really struggled in fifer scissors today. I felt that familiar vomit coming up the throat feeling on about rep 20. The oblique raises were a struggle today also but I grunted my way through

My diet today started off with a whey protein shake for breakfast (52G) with fat free milk. I had a protein bar (20g) for a snack and a chicken sandwich on wheat for lunch. Another protein bar for the afternoon snack and a turkey sub on whole wheat with cheese and lite mayo from subway. I also took NanoVapor to give me an extra boost before my workout and Anabolic Halo as the post-workout recovery drink.

I was talking to Mike yesterday about the Halo and I really think it is working for me! I feel stronger all around and I have really increased my reps on both the push-ups and pull-ups. Back around week 8 I felt like I hit a wall when it came to strength gain and started taking the Anabolic Halo. And since that time I have had tremendous gains! Maybe it is just mental but whatever it is it is working!

It is 7:50 right now and I am ready for bed -- always a good sign the workout kicked my butt! Tomorrow is the always fun Yoga X. I am planning on getting up early and doing this one. I have a working dinner seminar tomorrow night until 9pm so I have to get it in early!

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  1. Thanks for stopping be thedailyplate. i put up what kind of diet I will be attempting to do over there. It is interesting to read your posts about supplements b/c I have tried quite a few and right now I am trying to lay off, so my body can get used to not taking them. If you have been reading my posts I have been taking a little black powder as of late. I think it has increased my stamina a little bit and helped me to focus a little but thats about it(In the past it significantly improved my strength, focus, endurance and stamina) I will try to avoid using it just so I can make it through P90X pretty much supplement free. After a couple of times w/o supplements I think I will do it w/ supplements and see the results then......