Wednesday, November 26, 2008

P90X Day 81: Yoga X

TGIW!!! I have off the next four days and I am very happy about that! I have had a long month at work and I am just mentally exhausted. I started this morning struggling to get out of bed. By the time I got out of the shower I realized I was going to be late for my first appointment. So, I had a protein bar in the car with a bottle of water. I was able to eat right for the rest of the day swapping my mid morning snack with an appropriate breakfast and having a good lunch and dinner (chicken stir fry...yum!).

I stopped by The Academy sporting goods store today and picked up some 25lb dumbbells. I am going to get some 35's and 45's also but they are pretty expensive so I will space out the purchases a little! During last nights Back and Biceps workout I realized I was ready to give up the bands and start using dumbbells. The bands have been awesome and my results have been even better than I imagined with the bands but I am going to be starting P90X + and I want to be as extreme as possible. And the bands sometimes limit your movements and you have to do the moves modified from what is being done with the weights. I also want to try and add a bit more size in my chest and shoulders during P90X + . So, I've decided to bite the bullet and purchase dumbbells since this whole fitness thing seems like it is going to stick with me!

However, anyone who might be reading this and thinking, "Great now I got to spend a few hundred bucks on dumbbells to do P90X!" -- This is not true and all my results during P90X have been attained using resistance bands so I strongly recommend them not only because they are less costly but also very effective.

Onto today's workout --YOGA. As has been documented this is my least favorite workout of the entire P90X program. But, I actually really enjoyed it today. I have been a little stressed out lately and not real fun to be around. So today I turned off my cell phone and turned off the lights and just focused on relaxing and doing the Yoga workout. I felt so relaxed afterwards, it was great. I also had a pretty good sweat going. It could be that my wife turned the heat on in the house for the first time this year or that I am finally getting half decent at Yoga. Whatever the reason I don't care because I burned some calories! And I did the crane for like 10 seconds today -- still fell on my face but I was happy with 10 seconds!

Tomorrow is Legs & Back. I am supposed to play football tomorrow morning with my buddy Ryan so hopefully the weather cooperates because football will be fun and also a good workout! I will probably come right home afterwards and get the Legs & Back workout in before Annie and I settle in with Turkey and the NFL --- I love Thanksgiving -- Football and Turkey, just awesome!

Happy Thanksgiving to my P90X buddies - Mike, Matt, and Tai Chi Monkey Girl - Don't Forget to Push Play tomorrow!!

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  1. First Off Happy Thanksgiving!

    I seem to have adopted a new pull up movement over the last 2 weeks where I swing back a little bit and do a sort of explosive movement that lets me pick up a little momentum on the way up as opposed to straight up and down with heavy tension the whole time, up and down. It seems to give me an extra 2-3 pull-ups on most of the movements....I was wondering if you have experienced anything simiilar.

    See my blog post for other detai9ls about how eating went...

    I have definantly spaced out my purchases on dumbbells at about $1 a lb they get pretty expensive. I now have 3,5,8,10,12,15,20,25,30,35,40...the lighter ones are for my mom. I also have some old weights that I can screw on and off to make 45,50,55....the only thing about that is when I am doing some of the routines I don't have time to change them so I gues I would like to get 45,50 and then use the others as the 55 lb set. Being as the 55lbs would cost me 10 more dollars then the others. If I was you I would look into the BOwflex ones. They definantly would save space(The weights I have now take up a good amount of space I will try to post a picture on facebook or something to give you an idea of just how much). and I think they go up in smaller increments like 12.5,15.17.5,20,22.5
    (Not sure about this...) The only real advantage I could see to getting all of the other weights is that if you wanted to workout w/ a friend they could use some of the dumbells, where if you had the bowflex ones there would only be one set to use. I haven't personally used the Bowflex ones but I have seen them in some local sporting goods stores, The only problem was they where always wired down so I never got to "test" them out. With such a large investment I would at least check out that option...I wish I would have now....if they were to end up working they would have saved me at least $200 bucks by my estimate.

    Sorry about that diatribe about the weight thing I just had to put in my 2 cents...

  2. Oh yeah, almost forgot....December 15 sounds like a good lift off date! If your ready I'm with ya!

  3. Happy post Thanksgiving. Yes, I'm a little late with the wishes. But, here I am anyways. Just got done with Kenpo X, then I walked to our development's community center and did two 22-movement Tai Chi Form and after that the Large Frame Tai Chi Form. What a workout. Oh yes, I did spray myself with SPF 50 sunblock. Don't want skin cancer you know. I feel very energized today. The day is still young. In the evenings I'll be going to Tai Chi School again to continue my training.

    Have a good day guys.