Sunday, November 23, 2008

P90X Day 78: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps and Ab Ripper X

A friend of mine has been away for a year and he is back today. His name is Jack Bauer and he makes Tony Horton look like a big wuss! I am an hour into "24" and Jack has already killed 8 bad guys -- a rather slow start!Jack would eat P90X for breakfast!

Anyways, today was the Chest, Shoulders and Triceps workout. This is always a challenge to complete and my arms are usually hanging by my knees when I am done and today was no exception! I think the hardest move is the weight arm circles. What happens is you hold up a weight with both arms spread out and you make a forward circle for 10 seconds and then a backwards circle for 10 seconds and then you repeat! I only use 5 lbs for this and it burns the heck out of my shoulders. Just an awesome exercise.

ABX was its normal brutal self today. I blew through the in-and-outs, both bicycles and crunchy frogs. The wide leg sit-ups were a bit of a challenge, and then Fifers was rough as usual but I grunted through both! But for some reason the Pulse Ups (Heals to the Heavens) absolutely killed me. The last five just absolutely burned the hell out of my abs!. Then after that I flew through the rest - I even did the extra 10 Mason Twists! Only 2 more ABX's left.

My diet today was a little different. I didn't get out of bed until 10am - which was awesome. So that means my breakfast time was my normal snack time. I decided to just make a huge breakfast since I was starving! I had four turkey sausages, a wheat english muffin, and an EAS Whey Protein Shake. Lunch was a whole wheat turkey sandwich with an apple. I then had a protein bar for a snack. And dinner was Anabolic Halo, some turkey, and a 60G Cookie n' Cream flavored Wheybolic Extreme Protein Shake. I came in at about 2400 calories today - a little short of my goal but I slept longer than usual so it was probably about right.

Only 11 Days to go!

Tomorrow is Plyometrics.

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  1. I have watched a few seasons of 24. I find them to be pretty awesome on the most part. Anyways it must be exciting starting the final resistance week. My legs are still very very sore from the whole HIIT thing followed by legs and back......So I did a little research on the HIIT and the particular program I was doing is pretty advanced and next time I will start off a little bit slower!

  2. It is nice to be starting the final hard week. However, this has become ingrained in me and I am not sure what to do when I am done ... my body is saying I need a little rest. I feel great but a little beat up (especially the shoulder!).

    When do you want to start PLUS? We can start on a Monday to follow the schedule? Dec 15th or 22nd .. let me know your thoughts?