Thursday, November 20, 2008

P90X Day 75: Legs & Back + Ab Ripper X

Hello everyone! Today was one of my favorites - Legs & Back! I put the "300" image up because this workout is all about the glory muscles. Especially when you throw in the Ab Ripper X at the end! Oh, and it kicks the Hell out of you!

I started off my morning with a Whey Protein Shake. Then had a protein bar for both snacks, a chef salad for lunch and some grilled chicken wings for dinner with BBQ sauce. I over did my portion size for dinner a little so I will have to "Bring It" a little harder for Kenpo tomorrow!

Today's workout went great! I did over 20 reps on all eight of the pull-up/chin-up exercises and added weight when appropriate on all the squats and lunges. I did struggle a little with the single leg wall squats and the chair salutations. Both of these just burn the hell out of my legs but I just did my best and forgot the rest!!!

Also, I want to thank Elizabeth Renter from for writing about P90X blogs and including Dangle the Carrot... in her article today. She mentioned that many people take to the Internet to find out if they should purchase P90X or not and that blogs like this one are beneficial in getting a non-biased review of the product. She is 100% right because I actually did that before my purchase and over the course of the last 75 days I have received a number of emails and comments asking the question. So, hopefully if you are reading this blog I hope I help you make a decision one way or another!

Something else that I feel warrants writing about is how helpful this blog has been in keeping me motivated! Knowing that people are reading daily and will be disappointed if I skip a day or quit has really made me keep my focus and not miss days. Another positive thing this blog has indirectly created is an awesome support group of fellow P90X'ers. Mike, Matt, Tai Chi Monkey Girl and Ryan have helped me stay motivated by matching my commitment and we push each other on a daily basis. Thanks guys!

I guess my point behind this long, rambling post is that if you are planning on trying P90X find out what motivates you and use that because this program is not easy! If you want to see the "after" results like on the infomercial you need to bust your ass everyday. You cannot miss days, you cannot half ass it, you cannot make excuses. You must be committed to "Bring It" everyday!

Tomorrow is Kenpo X!

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  1. Thanks for posting the link to the + stuff. I checked it that Upper Body plus better be out of this world. It looks like it is included more then anything. By the end of this doubles thing i will have done Cardio X 28 times so I guess I can handle it. Look I'm in! Just let me know when you plan on starting. My friend is getting the classic X in the mail soon so i was gonna try to start with him but since the workouts are so different I won't really worry about it. As long as I am doing something alongside him and able to give the support he should be fine. I also have another buddy in Atlanta contemplating it I think He's on the brink. I sent him some of my before/not quite after pics hopefully that will make up his mind.... Alright
    check you later. I am also contemplating a blog similar to the rest of you Xers'

  2. Hey guys,

    I'm so jealous that you guys are already planning on doing P90X+. I'd like to join you, but I know my body will not be ready for the punishment. So, I guess I'll be starting Round 2 P90X Classic after the holidays by myself. Boo hoo hoo.

    Yes, Matt come blog with us. It'll be fun.

  3. Yes blog away! It is fun and heck you are basically doing it anyway at the Daily Plate! And we can still encourage TCMG on since she will be moving to Classic after she is done with Lean.

    I was checking out some message boards and stuff about the P90X + and the concensus seems to be to take a week or two off after P90x classic to let your body heal up ... However, I feel pretty good now so whenever you want to start I am in. My wife works retail and we stay home for Xmas and New Years so the holidays really don't effect my schedule all that much. I am also planning on keeping this blog up and posting about the PLUS as well. Let me know your thoughts.