Monday, June 1, 2009

Triathlon Training Day 43: 15 Mile Cylce + ARX

Yesterday was a good Sunday. I woke up and had my usual Protein Shake and then it was on the bike before it got too hot outside.

I ended up getting in 15 miles before I had to go home and help Annie with preparations for her baby shower. I had a pretty good ride. The streets were a little busy so I had to slow down and stop a few times but other than that a good workout was had! I averaged about 18 mph - a little less than what I want but my track is not the most ideal.

Today is swimming. I am confident about my ability to swim the 500 meters, now I need to work on getting a faster with my Total Immersion technique. So for the next few swim days I am going to work on quickening my freestyle stroke.

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  1. " Annie with preparations for her baby shower"Uh...did I miss an announcement somewhere? Will there be the pitter-patter of little feets on your kitchen floor next year? Or is this a shower she's throwing for a friend? :)

  2. Whoa ... it was for a friend. I got quesy reading that.