Monday, June 15, 2009

Triathlon Training Day 58: 5K Run + ARX + Strength Training

Got to the gym late today. I had a real bad tooth ache so I took some painkillers and needed to wait until the effect wore off. Damn tooth aches hurt man. I lost some of an amalgam filling and it is killing me. I don't have time to get it fixed until Wednesday so gonna have to suck it up!

Anyways, in order to give myself some extra energy I took some of the N.O. Xplode prework-out drink. And as usual it got me all jacked up! I crushed a round of Ab Ripper X and then jumped on the treadmill for a 5K run. I wanted to run at a medium to medium-fast pace since the last two days I have really pushed it physically. When I finished my time was for the 5K was 26:30 -- and I felt really good.

So, I went to the free weight section of the gym and did an abbreviated Chest & Back workout using dumbbells and the lat pulldown machine. Glad I did this because I have been slacking on my strength training since I have become Mr. Cardio over the last few weeks.

Tomorrow I have a bunch of appointments all over the city so I have no idea when I will be getting home. But when I do I am going to go back to the gym and try and do an endurance swim (50+ laps).

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  1. That is a bummer about the tooth!

    Good time on the 5k, abs and c&b. The tri training does make it hard to get good quality strength workouts.