Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Triathlon Training Day 45: P90X Core Synergistics

Got home around 8:30PM tonight. I wanted to go for a run but didn't want to do it at night. Lighting in my neighborhood is less than desirable and I am not a big fan of getting run over by an SUV!

I ate a quick turkey sandwich and figured I could go to the gym and run on the dreaded treadmill. Well, it was about 9:15 and I got dressed and started thinking to myself, "How late is the gym opened?" -- I checked the schedule and the answer was 10pm. So, I basically would have had about 25 -30 minutes to stretch and run on the treadmill. Not a real good option. So, Core Synergistics it was and I am glad it worked out that way because this is just a great workout. My obliques are still feeling some soreness! And I forgot how much the Superman-Banana is a butt-kicker!

According to my HRM I burned 385 calories and my HR average was 144 so this was a good aerobic workout. But I still need to get my running in so I'm going to wake up early tomorrow and get in 3-4 miles. Then if I don't have to go deal with some real estate stuff (actually hopeful that I do) then a 15-20 mile cycle is going to happen tomorrow evening. Sort of a day/night doubleheader! With my Tri only 60 days away I want to start pushing myself harder than I have been.

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  1. Excellent decision on doing core syn. I actually did core syn yesterday, but I forgot to log it. I really like that workout.

    60 days to go! You will do well. You have built a great base and you will be able to build upon that in the next 2 months.

  2. Core Syn is a great gap filler. During my current training, I've tossed that one in the player ocassionally when I needed to shake things up. I've appreciated how involved the whole body gets, especially during the Lunge/Kickback/Press/Curls...what a blaster that one is!