Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Triathlon Training Day 59 & 60: Rest + ARX and Strength Training

The last couple of days have been very frustrating. I had a filling that cracked (tooth #3) and I have been in some pretty bad pain. My mouth has swelled up and any liquid that touches it is really painful. Yesterday I was not able to go to the gym. I was taking pain killers and was tired and groggy from the pills. Also, I weighed myself today because I haven't been able to eat solid food and was down to 155 lbs! Today I was able to get to a dentist and he fixed my filling. My mouth is still pretty tender and I might still need a root canal but we are going to see how this works out before I go that route!

Today I decided I wanted to go get a swim in and work on my Total Immersion form. When I got to the pool lessons were still going on so I did an Ab Ripper X set and then did a bunch of lat pull downs and dumbbell presses on the bench. Real nice chest and back workout! Also, during ARX I used a 10 lb medicine ball for the Mason's twists -- awesome!

After the strength workout I went to the pool and began to realize something almost immediately -- Do not go swimming after receiving dental work! I did one lap and the upper right side of my mouth was killing me. I don't know if it was the pressure from the water or just the water hitting my teeth but it was painful. I am talking made me woozy type of pain. So, I had to stop swimming. I took my time getting dressed and am now at home. I feel better now but have decided to let this sucker heal up until I swim again!

I'd really like to try and get a bike ride in tomorrow evening. The temperature has been close to 100 degrees here the last few days and it looks like tomorrow is supposed to be the same. I have rode the spinning bike at the gym but it just isn't even close to actually riding. If it is still unbearably hot again tomorrow evening then I will probably just run on the treadmill. We have rented a few bikes for our upcoming vacation so I'll at least be able ride a little next week!

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  1. You're about 6-degrees hotter than we are in Atlanta. It's still nasty out, with all the humidity.

    I have my ARX session tomorrow and will use my medicine ball. I don't have a 10lb, only an 8lb, but last I used it, my abs and obliques were burnin'! I loved it!

  2. this heat is just deflating man -- sounds like you are going through the same thing.

    I am looking forward to starting up another round of P90x. I am down to 155 lbs with all the cardio training and am losing some of the muscle definition I gained during my P90X rounds. Vanity is a bitch.

  3. Doing the triathlon training does take its toll on the body as far as muscle mass goes. I know I gained weight during vacation so I hope all the endurance training will help me lose some weight when I get back to Hawaii.

    I am sorry to hear about your tooth. Hopefully it will get better before you leave for your vacation.

    The heat is a bummer. I am interested to see how it affects my run when I get home.