Sunday, October 25, 2009

Still Resting ... sort of

Well, I was planning on a nice refreshing 10 mile run this morning but a two day headache has turned into a full-blown cold and I am sort of miserable!

The last few days have done wonders for my body. My legs feel beyond fresh and my whole body just feels relaxed. All of the online training programs and running and triathlon magazines always talk about the importance of taking time off to recover. I have never really believed in this notion mostly because I am a stubborn numskull.

I am that guy who will see someone get banged up or hurt and when they start complaining I usually show zero sympathy. My first response is to explain the difference between, "being injured" and, "being in pain" ... in my mind these are two completely different things. Usually if you are still playing it is just a "pain" if you are being carted away by medical personal then you are "injured"! So once we determine they are injured I tell them to, "Shut up, man up, rub some dirt on it, lets go .." I also us this old-school rationale on myself. As a matter of fact the "they and them mentioned above is code for "me". Probably not the best attitude in the world but it works to keep me going.

Oh, and if you haven't already connected the dots I am also the guy who thinks not keeping score at your kids soccer games is a bunch of shit. People win and people lose, and letting children experience both sides will make them a more complete and well-rounded adult.

Back from that sidebar - I've learned to take a break every now and again and the advantages are that you will come back even stronger then before and be able to push your body even harder.

Hopefully this little sickness will be gone by Monday and I can start up running on Tuesday morning!



  1. Your body might be sick, but not your brain! Great stuff! A big "copy that" on the soccer score scenario. And to amp it up a notch, I have a problem with giving out trophies to kids who just shows up for games. Follow that logic all the way to a guy who thinks he deserves a raise just for showing up for work on time. Just doing enough to get by is reason for getting a raise? Getouttahere!

  2. Ahhh yes Steve, the always delightful Participation Trophy! Even when I was a kid I knew those were bogus. It sure makes all the adults feel good about themselves though ;-)

    As for the raise guy, this one touches a nerve with me! They have jobs for people like this and those jobs are available via the Federal and/or State Governments.

    That stuff doesn't fly in my line of work. Each month you are measured and weighed and if you succeed the pats on the back last for about a second and you begin a new month. I only expect what I earn and never complain that my company should give me more. We all have the opportunity in this country to go out and find a new job if our current one is not paying us what we believe we are worth. But that sometimes involves substantial risk and most of the time the complainers are scared to death to take any risk and are much more secure bitching about their current job. This is by choice, unless you live in places like Venezula, China, California, and Russia!

  3. I am old school by definition and these are the values that were the norm when I was growing up. Now I only see them in very special folks like you two.

    I coach youth football and I never understood the participation trophies.

    I also feel the same about those who feel they deserve a raise just because their annual review is due. What the...? That is also why I am not a big fan of unions.

    The left wing loons love this stuff though. You know, give home loans to people who are living beyond their means. Hmm... let's see, who does that. Oh yeah, ACORN, Obama's former "job interest"!

    Ok, now look what you guys did... got me all worked up!

  4. Jeff,

    I think you and I are long lost brothers. I am the same way in regards to pain, scoring, raises, haha..

    That being said, I love my rest days.

  5. Love the "pain" vs. "injury". A lot of people think they're injured but I think it's kind of an excuse.

    Keep it up Jeff!

  6. Boomer - sorry to get you all worked up! You could always go watch Chris Matthews on MSNBC if you want a good laugh!

  7. Josh, That is too funny man. I am enjoying some time off. However, I am pretty antsy and am having trouble sleeping because I am not exhausted anymore. Anyways back at it early tomorrow morning!

    I also have a 10K Race scheduled for Saturday!

  8. Annie - I had some old school football coaches when I was younger and whether they know it or not they shaped my perception on a lot of things. I realize sometimes I am harsh and unemotional but I am also rather focused.