Monday, December 22, 2008

P90X PLUS Day 8: Upper Plus & Abs/Core Plus

Gotta love Mondays when they are really like Wednesdays! Since we have off Thursday and Friday it is like we are starting the week on a Wednesday.... does that make sense to anyone other than me?

Well, today also marked the beginning of week 2 of P90X PLUS and the third time that I am attempting the Upper Plus workout and the fourth time I am doing the Abs/Core Plus workout. That means that I pretty much have the techniques down and can focus more on Bringing It instead of form and that is what I did today! And at the recommendation of Matt, I did both of these using the "Trainer's Track". This is a play option on the DVD and what it is is Tony Horton giving pointers on how to do each exercise to get the most out of them. It was very helpful and I will probably use it for a little while now that I see the benefits.

For example, on the Abs/Core Plus many of the exercises are done hanging from the bar. The last couple of times it hurt my shoulders to hang from the pullup bar and I felt like my form suffered. So, Tony recommended isolating on your lats as you hung from the bar and this REALLY helped. Another thing I did was grasp the inside of the "U" on the pullup bars. This also helped alleviate all the pressure from my shoulders so I was able to concentrate on my legs.

So, overall I had a good workout today and my arms and shoulders are pretty beat. I burned 483 calories and my average heart rate was 123 bpm. Both of these numbers were good considering this is a resistance exercise and not a cardio one. I also have been weighing myself daily and taking body fat percentages. I started at 167 lbs and 18.5% BF. Today my weight was 164 lbs and 17.5% BF. I am using both a digital scale and old fashioned calibers to take the BF%. I take the difference between the two to get my final number. So, far both have been surprisingly consistent in their daily measurements!

Nutrition was solid again today .... I have chicken breasts and asparagus baking as I type and can't wait to eat. My carbs were a little high today because I had a turkey breast sub from subway for lunch. So, my calculations were about 30% carbs and 50% protein. Not to shabby but I'll be back on track tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the awesome Interval X and I am already looking forward to doing it!

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  1. Dude, you need to quit slacking. I burned 483 calories on Upper Plus last week! Today it was 587! You are dogging it dude!

  2. Fatter people have more calories to burn!!! haha

  3. Ok, Jeff "McChunky" Irvin. Do I really need to revisit the bachelor party and your need to demoish hot dogs on white buns at 2am??? Fatty!

  4. AHAHAH Glad you found the trainer track helpful. I have so much trouble with these excercises. I can barley do one L chin up. After the first one I kind of just throw my legs up as they slowly sink to the ground. Not being able to do this makes the leg kick out on Abs Core tough as well. The commando push ups just kill me everytime. Man this is still gonna take some getting used too.