Thursday, December 18, 2008

P90X PLUS Day 4: Yoga X

Yoga, Yoga, Yoga .... let me count the ways how I hate thee!!!

You know, every week starts out and I am excited to jump into it. The first three days go great and I get in these awesome workouts and then Day 4 of the week comes along and everything comes to a screeching halt! All because of Yoga X.

Well today I gave myself a pep talk. I said, "Self -- I know you hate yoga but this is a whole new 90 days so why not give it another shot and really open your mind up and enjoy the yoga." So, I got changed into comfy yoga type clothes, turned off the over head light and put in the yoga disk. I made it t0 reverse warrior and said screw this and did Cardio X. So, I had an awesome Cardio X workout and I'd like to thank Yoga X for the nice 25 minute stretch before I started.

The thing about yoga for me is that I have to be in the right state of mind to do it. And that state of mind needs to be relaxed. And unfortunately for me being relaxed in not to common of a thing! So, next week I will try again to find my inner yoga, but will probably do Plyo or Cardio X.

Other than my impatience with Yoga I had a good day nutrition wise. Started off with a strawberry and banana protein shake, a protein bar for a snack, a big old chicken salad for lunch, a protein bar and apple for midday snack, and finally a 12 oz of grilled lean round steak for dinner. I also had the Wheybolic Extreme 60 Protein Shake for my post workout drink. Once again I had a ton of Protein today (about 200 grams) and about 2700 calories.

Tomorrow is Upper Plus and Abs Core Plus and I am looking forward to this!

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  2. I am glad that you haven't closed the door to yoga all together just yet. Yesterday I had one of my best yoga sessions to date. I held my legs up extra high!!! Usually once it starts to burn I will stop lifting up my leg at that point(After a While). Yesterday I just kept reaching for the sky!!! I didn't do to great on crane but I realized that you can use your core to help keep you up, previously I had been using only my arms.....With this realization along with my efforts between vinyasas to do 5 pushups I managed to burn a whopping 494 calories!!! Usually I don't even break 400 so I was killing it yesterday!!

  3. That is amazing you are lossing that many calories doing yoga. that just might give me the motivation to get through it. During my 25 mins of yoga and 45 mins of Cardio X I burned 492 cals so the day wasn't a complete loss!

  4. Jeff, I think a majority of the people who do P90 are with you on the length of Yoga X. I actually started doing the first 47 minutes and throw in some of the additional balance posture if I have time. Also, his new one on one (Tony's) Fountain of Youth is only 48 minutes long and it gets the job done. Much better. I know this has been preached many many times, but the Yoga is huge once you get past the name.

    Also, I use EAS premium whey protein. Its only like $23 for 6 yes six pounds at Costco. It mixes well and doesn't taste that bad.

    Take care


  5. Glenn,

    Hey man, how'd those spreadsheets workout for you?

    48 minutes of yoga sounds perfect. I honestly feel like the first 20 minutes and the last 5 minutes of the P90X Yoga is a waste. I usually do it and I am much better at yoga (except that damn crane) than I was 4 months ago!

    The EAS is good tasting and blends very well however Matt mentioned in the comments in the post above this that it is pretty high in cholesterol? I am going to have to check it out ... but if you can get 6lbs for $23 I might have to find ways to limit Cholesterol elsewhere!

    How is the X going for you?

  6. Jeff, The X went much better than I even expected. I only lost about six pounds but I toned up pretty nicely and made gains in all the fitness test categories. But, I think the best improvement, and this addresses the EAS protein issue is that my cholesterol went from 227 six months ago to 107! So, I don't think the EAS protein's cholesterol affected me.

    Take care

  7. I love both of the spreadsheetss, but the one excel based is a little bit too much, I'm just using the google document right now. Thanks again for sending those over.


  8. I will stop lifting up my leg at that point(After a While). Yesterday I just kept reaching for the sky!!! I didn't do to great on crane but I realized that you can use your core to help keep you up, previously I had been using only my arms.