Saturday, July 18, 2009

Triathlon Training: 24 Mile Bike

Got up at 6am today, tossed the bike in the SUV and headed down to the rural roads of Huffman, TX. I met up with my buddy Chris and we ended up doing 24 miles. We somehow missed a turn because normally this trail is 26 miles - not sure what really happened?

Anyways, it was a very comfortable ride despite the heat. I was able to keep myself hydrated and that really helped. By the time we were finished at 9am it was already 92 degrees! We checked my Garmin at the 14 mile mark, which is the length of my upcoming Tri, and we were at 48 minutes. I'd be good if I did this time for the Tri. The good news was that we really weren't even busting ass either so I believe this time could be even better by a minute or two.

Chris recently acquired a "vintage" Trek 1000 Road bike via craigslist and I rode it for a couple of miles. This bike is a lot faster than my cheap-ass Schwinn Prelude and it convinced me that if I decide to continue doing Triathlons that a new bike is in my future. On my bike I have to work hard to maintain a 20mph speed. On the Trek it was a lot easier, the crank just feels more powerful with each turn. He said the same thing after riding my bike. However, we both agree that my bike is a more comfortable ride ... which in terms of time means nothing at all so I have that going for me! I can't even imaging how awesome my time could be on a brand new Quintana Roo? I might find out soon enough if a couple of things break my way over the next few weeks!!

Tomorrow morning I am going to try and run around 9am. The reason for choosing 9am is that the starting time for my race is 8am and I figure 12 minutes for the swim and 50 minutes for the bike which would put me around 9am for the run. It should be in the upper 80's/low 90's by then so it might be a ton of fun!

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  1. Dude, 92 degrees at 9am? Ugh. That'll sap the energy out of almost anyone. We're getting a break somehow in's 62.5 degrees right July??? Where's Algore when you need him?

    Regarding your speeds between the two bikes. It all boils down to gear cassette ratios, and perhaps the geometry of your frames. Riding that Quintana Roo will really be different from your Schwinn! I hope things break your way - like closing a couple of deals, eh?

  2. Seriously dude - Al Gore should be down here righting all the wrongs in our climate!
    Yeah, got a few things that may or may not close in the next month or so - if they do new QR babY!

  3. Great ride! If you can maintain 20 mph you will be flying. I did 20 during my tri and I was passing everybody! That was a good thing because they all passed me on the run!

    Anyway, I have a Trek 1500 road bike that I put aerobars on and I was passing guys riding full-on carbon fiber tri bikes. My Trek is aluminum with carbon fiber forks. Anyhow, I want to get a tri bike after a couple more races too. The Quintana looks nice. I may just buy a good frame and build it slowly.

    Have a nice run!