Thursday, July 30, 2009

Triathlon Training: 750 Yds Swim + Video Gear Check


So, I had another crazy day at work and I am sitting here now at 11:00PM finally able to slow down. I got home around 6pm this evening and went straight to the gym. I did 30 easy laps and just focused on my technique and breathing. I felt really good after I left pool.

After that I stopped at Target and picked up power bars, whey protein, and some other supplies. From there it was cleaning out the car, packing my luggage, strapping the bike rack to the car, cooking dinner and packing up all my Tri gear! I think that everything is good to go. I have a bunch of stuff to do tomorrow for work and then we are leaving for New Braunfels.

If you want to learn more about the event I am participating in here is the website:

The only negative news is that the weather forecast is now saying that on Sunday the high temperature is going to be 105 Degrees!! As you can imagine, I am not real pleased with that, but what can you do! I am guessing by the time my run starts it will already be in the low 90's - definitely going to wear my hydration belt!

Anyways, whenever I first decided to do a Triathlon one of the the things I found myself asking over and over again was, "What gear do I need to do a Triathlon?" So, after a couple of months of asking questions and Googling like it was my job I am pretty sure that question is answered. Now if you are considering doing a Tri here is my video checklist:

Wish me luck and I will be back with a full report on Sunday evening.

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  1. I absolutely love the video!!! Gives the blog life. Hey, your checklist looks complete. You are ready to go. I had to laugh about the "Jeff and the laundry" thing.

    Ok, so the countdown has started. That heat sounds brutal. Did you say "gay" shorts? Man, the left wing loons won't be happy about that... LOL! Have a great trip.

  2. Good luck mate. Not as spectacular as the Spain video, but I liked it. Looking forward to the report. Go get 'em!