Thursday, July 2, 2009

Triathlon Training Day 75: 4 Mile Run

I was looking back over my last month of posts and realized that I haven't spoke about nutrition too much lately. Probably because it has become habitual to me and I know longer think of what I am eating as different. When I started P90X last year it was so new and weird for me to measure my food, count calories, and read labels. Now it is weird not to!

Anyways, my days are pretty similar nutrition-wise. Today for breakfast I had a vanilla whey protein shake. It is comprised of of 2 heaping scoops of EAS Vanilla Whey Protein, 0% Fat Organic Milk, Ice, and a banana. Also for breakfast I had a whole wheat bagel with a teaspoon of peanut butter. Around 10:30 I had a Pure Protein bar for a snack. For lunch I usually try and have a turkey or chicken sandwich on whole wheat, but today I stopped at a Smoothie King and had the 45G Protein filled, "Gladiator". They are awesome! They also account for about 550 calories depending on the fruit you add -- I like strawberry and banana! Around 3:30 I had a chocolate chip cookie dough Balance bar. This bar is 210 calories, 21 carbs, and 15 G of Protein. I love the taste of these bars! For dinner I baked a 8 oz of chicken breast and cut up and had fajitas on whole wheat shells and mixed veggies in the side. I had 3 of them and the calories were about 800, protein 60Gs, Carbs 75Gs.

If you add up the numbers my carbs and protein are about 50/50 and I am averaging around 2400-2700 calories per day. I am not as strict as I was during P90X with Protein, Carbs, and fat but instead I now focus on eating as clean as possible. By eating clean I try to avoid saturated fats, high fructose corn syrup, simple carbs, enriched white flour, sugar, alcohol (not completely(-:), all sweets, anything processed, high sodium, and all soda! These things no longer make it to my kitchen. I easily drink 12-15 cups of water a day, usually as much as 20 a day. My favorite thing to do is mix in the Crystal Light Green Tea with my water because I love the taste and the antioxidants are good at flushing my system daily.

So that has been the way I have been eating. My energy level is just wonderful and I feel great. Each time I go into a workout my body is prepared because of my eating habits. I used to have acid reflux all the time and I can't even remember the last time that has happened to me! I used to write that when I was doing P90X that the diet was very important. That was a complete understatement because the diet is so much more than important, it is essential!

Today's workout was 4 miles running on the treadmill. I made it the gym at 9pm tonight and watched, "The Office" on my ipod as I ran - helped with the mundaneness of the treadmill! My 5k split was 23:49 and I finished the 4 miles in 31:50. I backed off a little at the end as my left knee started to feel a little stiff. Stretched it out afterwards and it feel fine! I also did an abbreviated ARX after my run. I was the last person at the gym, they close at 10pm, and I could see the staff looking at me because I am sure they wanted to go home! After the Fifer Scissors I jumped right to the Mason Twists with an 8lb medicine ball and finished up.

I have a ton of loose ends to tie up tomorrow before I leave for Newark. I was thinking I would love to get up around 5am and drive down to my bike trail, but being that is is midnight already and I have a few things to do before bed that ain't gonna happen! I will probably go to the gym and get a swim and a stationary bike ride in!

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  1. I have lax'd up on my nutrition a bit. My wife said I was looking scrawny. I actually gained 10 pounds. So now I think I will get back on the wagon and tighten up a bit. I am glad you mentioned it in your post as a wake up call for me.

    Hey, your run time is awesome. If you went on a 5k race event, I am absolutely sure you would break 20 minutes. Heck, your 4 mile time is better than a lot of my 3 mile times.

    Have a great vacation!

  2. I cycled off Cellmass recently and after two weeks, I can tell a difference in feeling "loose". I'm getting another jar today and will start that again...what a great supplement!

    Hey, guess what has 45g of protein, 0 satfat or transfat, 210 calories (30 from fat) and 75mg of cholesterol...the good cholestorol?

    Answer..a can of tuna. Mix it with salsa or bruschetta, and you have a great tasting, high-protein snack. My sister-in-law turned me on to that and its now my mid-morning snack...and its cheap too!

  3. Hey guys -- Boomer, i am looking a bit scrawny myself. All this darn cardio training.

    And Steve, I cannot wait to start another cycle of CellMass and Nitrix. I can tell when I am off of them and my body is a little "loose" looking as you would say!

    I weigh 155lbs and that is too light for my frame. Once I am done with the tri the weight lifting is coming back and I am going to try to balk.

  4. just stopping by to congratulate you on your continued success! And I'm starting to know what you mean about it being weird NOT to measure and weigh everything...

    I love keeping up with your progress! keep it up!