Tuesday, April 27, 2010

So What is Up .... ?

- I just did Week 6, Day 1 of the Push Up Challenge and I can barely raise my hands up to the laptop to type this!  That. Was. Brutal!

- Last week I wrote that I was considering purchasing a Computrainer or a PowerTap to really help me laser focus in on my bike training.  Well, the new bedroom furniture looks great and my wife really likes it.  And the new mattress  has made sleeping a joy! (note to self - repeat this until you believe it!)

- Watching the Biggest Loser now and I still cannot stand Michael.  He is working hard and losing weight but something is just not right about him. He just seems so fake every time he opens his mouth.  He will not be missed if he goes home tonight.

- Congrats to the Pens for advancing to the next round of the NHL Playoffs!

- The Pittsburgh Pirates might be the worst baseball team ever assembled.  On Thursday they lost 20-0 to the Brewers at PNC Park.  After losing 3 more games over the weekend to Houston they had a chance last night to get back at the Brewers for the ass whopping last week and promptly lost 17-3.  Wow, they suck.  Oh, and on Saturday I was wearing a Pirates hat and a seagull pooped on my head.  Even the seagull was letting me know how shitty this team is.

- I am wear testing a pair of shoes for Brooks right now.  They are the Defyance 4's.  I currently run with the Defyance 3's so it will be cool to have input into the feel of the shoes I will be running with next year.  So far I absolutely love how they feel and they are super-sexy.  I hope I get to keep them!

- Last night Annie and I were running in my neighborhood and we ran past a guy who looked rather suspicious.  Well, when I say "looked suspicious" I mean "carrying 3 ft iron tool used to remove sprinkler heads".   These sprinkler heads have large copper fixtures which can be stolen and sold. The price of copper is through the roof right now.  I promptly ran home and called the Sheriff's department and by the time I ran back outside they already had apprehended the guy. That is how we roll in Texas guys (and apparently Arizona).  He ended up showing the officers where all the tools were hidden and where he was hiding the fixtures.  This guys has cost the HOA some cash over the last few months.

- I enjoy "24" so much more when it is Jack vs The World.  This year is going to end very badly for some Russians.

- I'm still not over the swim being cancelled on Saturday.  The challenge for me in doing the Olympic distance was in how I would perform in the 1500M OWS.  My options are to either get the hell over it or to do another race, soon.

-  If I do another race (soon) then my little planned 6 week rest and relaxation time before I begin training for the Nov 7th HIM might have to turn into a 4 week rest and relaxation period.  Not sure what I am going to do.

- New Toy on the way!! I found a used Zipp 440 Carbon Front Wheel on Ebay last week and put a bid on it.  For $95 I am the winner!  Never thought I would win it for that cheap!  If it ends up being true and looks good then I will probably get a rear wheel disc cover from WheelBuilder.com for my current wheel and BOOM!  I have race wheels!

- LOST was a repeat tonight.  When I clicked on the TV guide and noticed this I was quite disappointed.  Damn you Network TV and your upcoming crappy Sweeps Week!!

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  1. I hate when they cancel the swim legs. I am a swimmer, dammit, it's my only chance in the whole race!!

  2. I am glad you are "enjoying" the furniture :-)!

    I almost fell over when you told the story about the seagull.

    When I was on a 15 mile run late in the evening last October, I saw a guy running like a bat out hell. I thought, wow, this guy trains hard. It was dark, however, I finally noticed that he wasn't really in training gear. Then I saw the cops looking around the neighborhood. The next day my wife caught the local news and she saw a story about that guy. He was trying to steal a car, but the cops caught him.

  3. Sign up for a race THIS WEEKEND if you can so you can take last weekend's fitness and apply it while you got it.

    $95 for a zipp 404? Nice find!

  4. LOL I love the horn blower story! Good for you, I always try and catch those guys... if only they put their efforts to a good cause, sheesh!

    I knew you would have a hard time with the swim issue, I read that and said to myself... I would have been sooooo mad. Typically I would say forget about it, but in this case, find another Oly. You have put some serious training in and it would be great for you to get a base time for you to plan your future events off of.

  5. Biggest Loser comment: I got a kick out of Daris running a 21 minute 5K. I hope he really did it and it wasn't a Biggest Loser set up like they have done in the past....(like making the course 4K)

  6. - Furniture, eh?, wife is happy, eh? is Jeff happy?

    - If I had the choice between the 2, I would go with the computrainer. Well, I live in a colder climate, thats why, but with real course downloads, you can practice any tri course your are racing for months, I think that would put you ahead of the game.

    - Zipp 404 for $95, beyond jealous. Really research the wheel cover, the research I have done is 50% people love it, 50% hate it. I suggest looking into ebay for HED or RENN disc wheel, maybe can get one for $100-150.

  7. -You know what is funny? In my world, my man John would have remodeled the kitchen or something and I would be jonesing for that computrainer.
    -I was SO disappointed that LOST was a repeat, the 2 other LOST fans in Caratunk were at my house for our weekly LOST date and we were all like, "WHAT! NOOO" right when it started.
    -Way to get the bad guys! When we call the police here, it takes at least an hour for them to get here. Not kidding.
    -Swim being canceled sucks. Either another race soon or an open water swim event.

  8. Oh Jeff,
    You are a good guy...you made your wife happy:) You will get bonus points for this one!

    We have the same problem with copper bandits here in Minnesota too. What they end up doing here is breaking into all of the empty foreclosed houses and taking the copper pipes. It is pretty sad. Good for you for calling the cops on this one!

  9. Wow--aren't you citizen of the year?! Good job on trusting your gut on that one.

    Great deal on the wheel! I hope it is a good one for you.

    I'm with you on LOST. Seriously, we only have a few episodes left--no reruns people!

  10. Letting Jason Bay go was the most recent in a line of criminal acts by the Pirates. And I saw a catch he made last night on Sports Center that epitomizes why baseball is cool.

  11. You know, your Buc's do suck. They haven't lost 121 games yet, but wow, I think they just may do it this year.

    A big nod of the brim to you for bustin' the hoodlum in your hood. Neighbor watching neighbor...that's how it has to be.

  12. sooo happy you Texans are holding your own. Would hate to have to send my AZ possse in there to clean things up. ugggg. ;)

    I have never hear a pair of athletic shoes be called "super-sexy" but . . . . it's about freaking time.

  13. I, too, was bummed that LOST was a repeat...boooo!

    Nice job on catching the copper bandit...that is just crazy!

  14. Wifey before the computrainer :) Good man.

  15. Michael kind of creeps me out too - not sure why but he does. Something about him...

    I love a computrainer. I don't have one but that may be next on my list too!

  16. Love your post this week. I love it, citizen Jeff comes to rescue. The lawns will stay happy in your Hood! have a great weekend!

  17. I'd heard of people stealing wiring out of houses under construction, but had never heard of people taking your sprinklers! Where's the humanity?

    You probably won "wife points" by not getting the computrainer

  18. I had to triple check that LOST was a repeat, just didn't want to believe it.

    thats a crazy story about the copper bandit!

    after my race sunday I have one week of rest before marathon training. Happy it's not longer, otherwise I could have gotten a bit lazy....