Sunday, April 18, 2010

Week 5 Push Up Challenge ... Almost there!

Week 4 of the Push Up Challenge is in the books people!  This was a difficult week and my arms are hanging from my shoulders like a couple of frayed up running shoe laces.  Now that Week 4 is complete it is time for another exhaustion test to see where you rank going into Week 5.  Go ahead and drop and do the exhaustion test, really go ahead, I'll wait ....... c'mon a couple more reps ... you can do it ..... Ok, wasn't that fun.

I did 72 reps for my exhaustion test this week and as is implied in the name, I am exhausted.  But after you look down and see Week 5 you are going to realize that Weeks 1-4 were like the minors leagues.  So, you have just been called up to The Show and it is time to step it up!  Here is your schedule:

Yep, that is not a misprint it says there are EIGHT SETS!!  I know. This is no joke this here push up challenge!  Okay, lets say you did not make it to at least 31 reps on the exhaustion test?  Not a big deal, you will just go back and repeat Week 4.  But if you have done at least 31 reps then match the columns and rows above and get to it.  And the good news is after we storm the beach this week another exhaustion test is in our future before we make the final push (up).  Personally I am going for 90 at the end of the week!  If you got to 100 this week let me know and I'll cross you off the list to the right.

Now on to other business.  Everyones favorite Left Coast Blogger, Chantalle, over at the LA Daze Blog tagged yours truly with the "Honest Scrap" badge.  I am required to list 10 honest things about myself.  So here it goes:

1.  My wife is my best friend.
2.  I am a closet road rage-aholic.
3.  I am very poor at parking. However I am an excellent driver.  Weird, I know.
4.  I enjoy TV shows that are made for 13 year old girls (Dawson's Creek, Supernatural, Buffy ...etc).
5.  I used to think that playing 18 holes of golf was exercise because I'd walk like 2 miles or so.
6.  I haven't consumed a soda in over 2 years.
7.  I arrange the clothes in my closet by categories: Dress Shirts, Long Sleeve Polos, Short Sleeves Cottons, Knits, etc ... and then I color code them using ROYGBIV.... OCD much?
8.  I cook dinner in our house 95% of the time.  I wonder how my wife and pugs eats when I travel for work?
9.  I have never had a massage and really have no desire to have one.
10. I have never Pee'd on my bike, but deep down inside I know that one day soon I will (-:

Their is my Honest Scrap.  I am not going to nominate anyone else because that is how I roll biatches.  But if you would like to join the Honest Scrap party knock yourself out!

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  1. #4 was too funny! Congrats on #6! I am with you on #10

  2. Congrats on getting where you are with the push-up challenge! I like the list - I had to laugh because I am a terrible parker too.

  3. Love your list! I'm so a road rager but nobody would ever think that if I didn't admit it. Now you know.
    My God, the push ups are going to be my early death. I got to 60 on the exhaustion test and wanted to puke (Tri Diesel, i hope you see this). I'm glad I didn't look ahead to week 5 until now. Scary!

  4. Never had a massage? You mean like a "fluff" massage? Deep tissue is a different story my friend. Its REALLY painful but it will cure sore legs overnight. Literally!

  5. A massage is one of the greatest "treats" on earth. You have to go do it. I've been slack on my pushups but am back on it this week.

    Also ... guess what we ordered yesterday ... P90X!!!!!!!!!! If you have any tips or suggestions, please send them along!

  6. You are missing out with no massages! I've never had a nice, relaxing one, but tons of sports massages and they rock. The peeing on the bike--done it. The saddle doesn't exactly benefit (it gets hit, sorry). And I am most amused at your Dawson's Creek, etc. confession!

  7. I am so with you on #7! My wife thinks I am crazy and won't even try to put up my clothes!

    nice work on the 71, 100 is just around the corner!

  8. Jeff, doing over 70 is a good sign that the 100 will come soon. Keep it going.

  9. Hi Jeff,
    I seriously love it when bloggers share random stuff about themselves:) My husband is your #2. I think your #5 is funny:) your #6 is just flat out amazing to me!!! Your wife is a lucky woman for number 1 and 8:) Thanks for sharing:)

  10. #2 isnt good
    #3 i laughed at, so your that person that cant stay inbetween the lines
    #4 well, umm, i play nice today and say no comment
    #7 OCD, yep
    #9 you really dont know what your missing
    #10 same here, not from a lack of trying either.

  11. #6????????????????????????


    I need to know what you did to stop. Me and my diet dr. pepper.
    :( [huff].

    Me = 4/week
    you = 0?


  12. Thanks for doing this! #9 - really? The benefits of massage are amazing!

  13. I was so thinking "I'm just like Jeff" with regards to the whole closet thing - until I saw the part about the color scheme order. Oh wait...I do that too. And I put solids together and then stripes and then checked. And I get a little freaked out if my wife or kids puts stuff in the wrong spot.

  14. 1. Me too, and we're celebrating 19 years together today!
    2. I'm a firm believer that if they taught people how to make RH turns in Drivers Ed, traffic congestion would be cut in half.
    3. I can parallel park like an expert.
    4. That's too weird!
    5. Golf and exercise? Together?
    6. My streak lasted 1.8 years until someone bought me a Sprite at a Braves game. I consumed it to be polite.
    7. My motto: If its hanging up - its eligible.
    8. You're a good husband!
    9. Deep tissue massage IS painful, like Jon said.
    10. TMI!