Sunday, August 15, 2010

Recovery Week (#8) Recap ...

First, on Friday I was having trouble finding the motivation to do intervals on the trainer so I asked you guys to sling some mud my way in the form of an insult to give me a kick in the butt.  Well, it work because I got the workout in but my favorite comment was one that was received today:
Your blog followers are TOO NICE!! 
Suck it up patsy! Bike trainer? Crap, that's whimpy. Take the damn bike outside and ride!! I dont care if it's 120F in the shade.. Builds character son....Now get out there and crank out 40 or so miles... you've got 1.5 hours, right??  Shit, my post is two days late, isn't it?  Never mind.... have a nice day..

 - Compliments of Bob @ ONEHOURIRONMAN!

Then you have to check out Patrick's Open Letter in response to my Fight Club post from a few days ago.  It is very entertaining - Patrick has been locked into that elusive Blogger-zone of late. Job well done Patrick!

Okay ... this was Week 8 of the Fitzgerald HIM Training Plan and this was the second scheduled recovery week.  

Here are my stats:

Swim:  3 Workouts - 3h 35m - 7800 Yds
Bike:   5 Workouts - 5h 48m - 105.01 Mi
Run:    4 Workouts - 2h 54m - 18.44 Mi
   Totals:   12 Workouts - 12h 17m

Overall it was a solid week.  I felt like the Bike mileage was a little light per the plan so I dropped a swim workout and added in an extra bike.  The amount of workouts were the same as other weeks but the durations were a little less.  The Saturday long rides are usually 3+ hours and the Sunday long runs are usually double digits.  But during the recovery week the ride was only 1h 15m followed by a 30m run.  Then today the long run was only 7m - which had to be cut a little short this morning so I might go run 3 or 4 more miles this evening, or maybe not, haven't decided yet - it is south of the equator hot again!

Week 9 begins the BUILD PHASE of the training plan.  I cannot wait - the base phase has been good to me and I am feeling very optimistic about my fitness level going into the Build.  The plan calls for tempo, tempo, hills, and intervals - this is going to be so much fun.  Here is the week 9 plan:

(Click image for larger view)

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  1. That comment from Bob was hilarious! Ha ha!
    Good job with your training! It looks like you have a "fun" week ahead of you!

  2. Your recovery week was the same as my maintenance week. Way to go! Good luck with the build phase! And no being a patsy!

  3. LOL ...great comment Bob

    Great training...nice work sticking to that plan!


  4. From now on, I'm getting all of my motivational speeches from Bob!


  5. Good one Bob! And i am looking forward to your response letter to Patrick's!

  6. You are JUST NOW starting your build week..... RIiiiiiiiiight hahaha.

    Good luck Jeff, keep up the good work man, slug away at those hours!

  7. Love the comment and congrats on a solid week of training!

  8. Bob's comment is awesome. Ha! LOVE it, wish I said it actually!

    Great training week.

    Patrick's open letter to you was hilarious...I am looking forward to your response!

    AND I meant to tell you that I know you could totally rock that necklace (you got me to laugh out loud at that comment last week, I just never told ya)

  9. this entire post makes me LOL

  10. I'm not kidding.... what's with these people.... ;)

  11. Really, stop flirting with the bike gods, stop, now, your just asking for it.