Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Countdown to P90X +PLUS+ ... and other ramblings

Hello Everyone!

It has been a few days since I finished up P90X so I wanted to login and talk about how it has been going and my P90X PLUS prep.

  • Friday (12/5/08) was my last day of P90X and Annie and I went out to dinner with some friends. My reward for graduating was a HUGE Stromboli and it was fantastic. I also had a few Shiner Bock beers. As good as the Stromboli was I can honestly say that I did not feel very good about eating it. Since then I have been pretty good -- Whey Protein Drinks/Shakes, protein bars, long grain rice, chicken, turkey, chef salads, whole grain bread, whole grain tortilla shells, veggies, and fruits!! I have been having all three meals and two snacks. My weight is 166 lbs - 1 lb loss since Friday!

  • Annie and I bought a scale that measures body fat%, body water%, and weight. My BF% was 17.4 %, BW% was 58%, and my weight was 166 lbs. I also ordered a device that allows you to measure fat % on different parts of the body (If you cut off my head I'd be down to 5% body fat. ...lol). So, a day before I start the PLUS I will take a bunch of these measurements so progress can be tracked at the micro-management level ...awesome!

  • The problem with P90X + is the name. I want to type it like "P90X+" but it doesn't look right to me. People are thinking P90X plus what? Like I should be adding something next to it. And if you end a sentence with a period or question mark it looks goofy. Example: I love P90X +! or Is that P90X +? .... See, doesn't look right. So from here on it will be known as P90X "PLUS" or if I am feeling lazy just "The PLUS" ... and yes, I probably do need psychological help.

  • If anyone wants to see the workout tracker Excel spreadsheet I will be using send me an email (jeffirvin@gmail.com) and I will forward it to you. It is freaking ridiculously detailed. Whoever created it has crazy, mad excel skills and crazy, mad free time. It holds more information than I have ever seen in a Spreadsheet - and I have worked in Corporate America for 11 years. Damn thing is an eye chart. I need some sort of training to figure out how to work this spreadsheet. Thanks to Doug over at YAMAG-BAP for forwarding it to me!

  • That show "The Biggest Loser" is on TV right now. Some of these people have lost upwards off 1oo lbs -- it is pretty amazing! However, everytime I see this show I think to myself, "How in the hell do you let that happen to yourself?" And then it was explained to me ...... A segment of the show came on and one of the previously fat girls was watching a video of her former fat self with Jillian the trainer and they were both crying endlessly. And the now not-as-fat girl was blaming her former fat self for being fat because of her parents divorce and she felt her mother didn't lover her. Seriously? She is blaming her parents? So her parents forced her to stick the fried chicken wings in her mouth? Or eat a gallon of Rocky Road ice cream? That is a bunch of shit. I love how our society has made it so nothing is ever anyone's fault.....my parents didn't hug me as a child ... my third grade BFF said I was stupid ... I was drunk (okay maybe this one is valid)....we live in a society of freaking whiners, jeez. Anyways, where I was heading with this is it reminds me of a post from P90X trainer Tony Horton's blog about taking responsibility for yourself. If you haven't seen it yet it is a good read ... click here.

  • I believe "The Office" is a better show than "Seinfield" and "Cheers" .... there, I said it!

  • Today it got really cold here so I decided to go to the Gym. I hit the treadmill for 45 mins and burned 438 calories. I was going to do Cardio X but since THE PLUS is starting back up on Monday I figured I'd do something different and the treadmill it was! The gym is so damn boring. I noticed as I jogged on the treadmill that a lot of people walk around and socialize more than workout. One dude was in front of me when I walked in (he forgot his card and was digging through a bag looking for it as I patiently stood behind him waiting ...asshole.) Anyways, I got on the treadmill and he talked to a group of Gold's Gym employees for like 20 minutes right next to me. Then like five minutes later I saw him sitting on the ab machine talking to some other guy for like another 20 minutes ... I did not notice him do a single crunch! When I was done this dipshit was walking out the door at the same time as me. He must of had a hell of a workout! ..... These are the things you notice at a gym when you forget your iPod. Lesson of the day: Don't forget the iPod!

I'll be back in a couple of days and layout the PLUS routine in more detail for those of you that would like to know more about what promises to be an extemely brutal workout!

Thanks for Reading,



  1. Those bodyfat scales can measure really far off so only take what it says with a grain of salt. literally a grain of salt will throw it off ha!

    While there are a lot of idiots at the gym i would like to have the options of using equipment there.

    Yeah writing X+ is weird I agree! i actually have a hard time going from X lifting to X+, doesn't feel as thorough to me, maybe I'm too used to X as it is, eh you might see what i mean soon. I'll be watching for your thoughts.

  2. Here is my experience with body fat analyzers excerpted from a messageboard post:

    Body Fat Analyzer Update: I have returned the Fat Track Pro Digital calipers....I either couldn't take consistent readings or the thing was haywire. It registered my bodyfayt between 5.4% and 11.4%. I believe my actual bodyfat% to be between 11-12%. I then purchased a Omron Handheld Body fat Analyzer which has also given inconsistent results....depending on the time of day i take it (9.7%-12.7, a few 13% ranges) I think that this one is a little more accurate. I will start recording the readings at one time of the day and use them to see how it varies. The readings are always lowest in the mornings. Hopefully once I start taking the readings at one specefic time they will not vary so widley and it will help to be a little better gauge. Since this is a tool to see how I am progressing w/ fatloss and muscle gain, it should at least aid in the process. Overall I have to say that I have been dissappointed with both of them in general..... I guess I will just have to pay close attention to my ab definition, as well as my love handles to help know what is going on. I will also continue to get measured at my local gym with their handheld unit as well as with calipers as another gauge of sorts.

  3. Jeff, darling... are you trying to get all the ramblings you can mustard before the year ends? LOL... You are too funny. I love seeing your expressions pop right out of the page. Keep it up dude.

  4. TCMG -- absolutely! Unfortunately I can't post most of them on this blog ... i might end up on some federal watch lists!!lol

  5. Joc - Thanks for stopping by I have been enjoying your video essays on your blog .... I've had some others tell me the same thing about the X PLUS. I am going to try and Bring It as hard as I can, but the good news is if I don't like it I can go back to the original!!

  6. Dear Jeffrey,

    I love going to the gym, BUT my biggest pet peave is when people go there to socialize. This is why I take spinning/kickboxing classes there because you can't talk to anyone. I really want you to come to PA so you can take my kickboxing class with me...you and Annie would LOVE and you burn mad calories!

    Your dear sister, Liz