Wednesday, December 3, 2008

P90X Day 88: Stretch Day

Howdy y'all -- Today was the stretch day. I got up this morning and didn't really feel like doing the entire stretch video because I felt awesome so I just did the part that takes care of the legs and ankles and then I did 100 pushups, 30 fifer scissors, 30 v-roll ups, and 30 in & outs just because I felt like I needed a little workout! Tomorrow is the Core synergistics workout and then Friday is Yoga.

I think it is appropriate to end my 90 days of P90X on Yoga. Yoga has been the most "difficult" workout for me personally. One, it is 92 minutes long. Two, it is done more than any other workout in the P90x series (17 times if my count is correct) and it gets boring. Three, I have zero patience and the pace of Yoga is slow and requires you to have Patience.

All complaining aside, I have definitely seen an increase in my flexibility and I think Yoga has helped my overall strength on difficult moves within P90X. And I wish I enjoyed it more like some others who have commented on my blog. No doubt it is a very beneficial workout yet I still do not like Yoga.

Okay, now that I go that off my chest --- I am getting very excited for P90X + ! I watched a couple of the DVDs last night and it looks HARD. Some of the Abs/Core workouts are going to kill me and I am looking forward to it. Start date is still penciled in for December 15th!

Tomorrow is Core Synergistics again and then Friday is FINAL PICTURE DAY. I think that the change from Day 1 to Day 90 is fairly dramatic. I don't feel that the changes from day 60-90 was all that awesome but I guess the side-by-sides will tell!

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  1. I checked out that Abs/Core looks pretty easy one excercise at a time and then you factor in that it is over 20 minutes long and that they are all stacked on top of each other. Man are we in for a butt whipping....I can't wait until the + either. I will maybe check out some more of the DVD's tonight so I will not waste time trying to figure out the excercises early on. This little break will be good for me I seem to have irratated some muscle around the area where my right lat connects down to my middle back....Only 2 days to go for you now!!! Turn on the burners!!!