Sunday, December 21, 2008

P90X PLUS Day 7: Rest Day

Counting Sheep today!

Begin back tomorrow with Upper Plus and Abs/Core Plus ....

This rest day was very much needed ... the PLUS is pretty intense.



  1. I did Kenpo Cardio Plus today. I wasn't all that impressed it didn't really get my heart rate up very high. Like you said i was trying to figure out some of the excercises for a little while so hopefully once i get them down my heart rate will go up a little. I went ahead and jumped rope for an extra 15 minutes afterward to get my heart up a little more!

  2. Mike said the same thing as you ... The thing I liked about it was that it gave you the option of adding more intensity. On the lateral moves you could add and extra step or jump. We'll see how it goes on Saturday when we do it again ... but I really liked the pace of it which will be a real benefit to us from like week 3 on.