Saturday, December 6, 2008

P90X Final Fit Test & Body Measurements

Fit Test:
A few days before I started P90X I did the recommended Fit Test. I posted my results here and planned on doing the test again at the end of 90 days. So, I just finished with the test and here are my results:

My resting heart rate prior to Day 1 was: 74 bps
My resting heart rate after Day 90 is: 63 bps

Prior to Day 1 the Pullups I could do was: 3
After Day 90 the Pullups I can now do: 28

Prior to Day 1 my vertical leap was: 23.5 inches
After Day 90 my vertical leap is now: 27 inches

Prior to Day 1 the Pushups I could do was: 28
After Day 90 the Pushups I can now do: 52

Prior to Day 1 I could reach 2.5 inches past my toes
After Day 90 I can now reach 4.5 inches past my toes

Prior to Day 1 I was able to do a Wall Squat for: 1:07 mins
After Day 90 I can now do a Wall Squat for over: 4:00 mins

Prior to Day 1 the In & Outs I could do was: 26
After Day 90 the In & Outs I can now do: 58


Day 1 Weight: 181 lbs
Day 90 Weight: 167 lbs

Day 1 Chest: 41 inches
Day 90 Chest: 43 inches

Day 1 Waist: 35 inches
Day 90 Waist: 32 inches

Left bicep increased by 1.5 inches and the right by 1 inch.

The numbers that were most impressive to me were my weight loss, pullup increase, and waist size decrease. I still cannot believe I lost 14 pounds while eating close to 3000 calories a day!

If you are reading this post wondering if you should purchase P90X I would think these numbers would be all the proof you would need to pull the trigger. If you are still skeptical after these numbers and the final pictures below than you are probably just looking for an excuse to not do it and anything I say will not change that. Bring It!



  1. Wow man those numbers are incredible. I am excited for you man!!! Mad Props!!! I don't know if I can measure up to those results but I'll try! I will do my fit test on Mon or Tues of the coming week. I did do some push-ups today after Core to see how many I could do...I got 53. On day one I did 40. Hopefully I will be able to get at least 55 when I am fully rested! As for the other excercises only time will tell......

  2. Let me know when and which thread you post your pics on!

  3. P90X is worth it's weight in gold and then some! Love it! Great job man!