Friday, December 26, 2008

P90X PLUS Day 12: Yoga

Today was Yoga. I usually do not enjoy yoga but since I had the day off and time to kill I thought what the heck lets give it my all and Bring It!

I still struggle on a few of the yoga moves -- particularly The Crane. I tried and focus on the core while doing the crane and it did help some. I got up to 6 seconds holding it today -- twice! I was pretty happy about that. The yoga belly stuff gave me a good burn today also. Overall this was one of my more productive yoga sessions. I put my HRM on and burned 319 calories.

The last two days were not as bad as they could have been nutrition wise! I ate some stuffing and gravy and had some cookies, but overall I didn't over-indulge. However, my pug Ernie did --- my mother send us some of her homemade chocolate chip cookies. I had a few and so did Annie. Well, we went to dinner yesterday and got home and noticed the box that the cookies were in were now on the kitchen floor. Apparently, Ernie somehow got the cookies down from the kitchen table and managed to eat the remaining 18. I am sure his sister Bailey had one or two but that little shit Ernie didn't even leave a crumb! Needless to say, Ernie had a rough day today so he got what he deserved!

Tomorrow is Upper Plus and Abs/Core Plus.

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  1. Sounds Like Ernie may have been a blessing in disguise!! He kept you from having to look at all of those cookies today as well as a few others I would imagine! Sounds like you had fun for Christmas!! Hope all is well in Texas!!