Tuesday, December 23, 2008

P90X PLUS Day 9: Interval X

Wow is this a good workout!

Breakfast this morning was a protein shake followed by protein bar. Lunch was a turkey and chicken salad followed by another protein bar. I then worked out, had an post-workout Protein shake and had Turkey and a cup of brown rice or dinner with an apple for dessert. Decent nutrition day!

Interval X is a pure ass kicker! I am still tired. My average heart rate was 143 and I actually got up to the low 180's a couple of times. I probably sweat two buckets also! The bad news is that I bonked on the 2nd to last exercise. Literally I could barely move ... then I saw the next exercise was, "running in place" and I knew I only had one more to go and I dug down and did it. This told me that the 60%protein/20% Carb diet is over. The last couple of days my energy level has been very low. At first I thought it may have been because I wasn't getting a ton of sleep but after today I am positive it is the lack of carbs in the diet. So, unless I want my workouts to be for shit I need to add in the carbs. All the advice from the experts at Beachbodies tells you to listen to your body and right now my body is screaming for carbs. I had brown rice tonight for dinner and immediately felt better. So from here on out whole wheat bread, bagels and tortilla shells are back and I am excited.

I plan on doing Total Body Plus tomorrow morning!

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  1. Man sorry to hear you bonked in Intervals. I guess that low carb stuff doesn't neccassarily work for everyone. I am going strong!! I had my zero day yesterday and made it through the workout.....I will say I was a little lightheaded afterwards. I think that if a zero day and plyo were to fall on the same day that might just do it for the low carbs....Anyways I had a whole wheat waffle and a cup of Go-Lean for breakfast so my body is back on the carb wagon for the day at least!

  2. Merry christmas to you too!

    I had brown rice last night and a whole wheat bagel this morning and I feel wonderful again.

    Going to d total body plus in about an hour!