Friday, December 5, 2008

P90X Day 90: Graduation Pictures

90 days to go!

Finished up with Yoga today. I wasn't very focused and a little antsy knowing that this was my final day! I feel like this was a nice accomplishment and I am happy with the results.I might even have some nasty fried food to celebrate tonight - probably not!

Thanks to everyone who has followed the blog and helped me with words of encouragement. Thanks to fellow P90Xers Mike, Matt, and Tai Chi Girlie for sharing your struggles and accomplishments along the way! Thanks to my wife Annie for her support and being patient with me during the last 90 days. This program takes over your life and changes your habits and routines so having the support of your spouse is a must!

Without further delay - the pictures:

#1) Day 1 vs Day 90 Slideshow:

#2) Days 1-30-60-90 Comparisons Slideshow:

Photos of Day 1 vs Day 90: Click Here

Photos of Days 1-30-60-90 Comparisons: Click Here

I'll post my fit test results as soon as I finish it and my P90X Review in the next day or so!

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  1. OMG, I'm so happy and excited for you. You look great. Way to bring it Mr. Grad.

  2. Nice job partner! There is some real differences there- especially in your lats. They look amazing! You really have the "V" thing going. You look like you have wings!

  3. I am just starting P90 and need the spreadsheet trackers. If I send you an email will you forward the trackers back to me? Thanks

  4. Congrats P90X brother!!! I am amzed at the before and after photos, good job man. I am about to go do some core synergystics! I went ahead and ordered the powerstands for the plus, after watching a few DVDs it looks like they incorporate them alot. I think our endurance will seriously be tested. I was fairly intimidated which is crazy after what we have just been through. ALright enough of that.....Congrats again Jeff you look fabulous!

  5. Thanks TGMG! You are almost there yourself -- stick with us through the plus it should be fun!

    Thanks Mike!

  6. Yes, I can send you the spreadsheets .. my email is

  7. Thanks Matt -- I have been using the power stands since the beginning and they really help. I broke my right wrist when I was younger and that wrist has been sort of weak since so the stands are great! I am looking forward to a couple of days off -- I am a little beat up! Talk to you soon, let me know when you put your graduation photos up!

  8. what up jeff!!!! i need a blog or web page like this. your progress and hard work are inspiring....keep it up