Sunday, March 28, 2010

100 Push Up Challenge Recap and Sunday Morning Ramblings ...

Sunday Morning Ramblings:

  • How are we all doing with the 100 Push Up Challenge?  Annie and I are both sore from the 3 days we have done the required sets, but we both already seem to be seeing some more defined definition in our arms!  This challenge is a little more challenging than what I thought it was going to be.  By the time I get to the Max Rep set at the end of each workout I am toast. However, the majority of the 50 of us who are doing the challenge are  athletes and not afraid of hard work - If it was easy everyone would do it, right?  So, let's all dig deep and get ready for Week #2. If you are on Week #3 or Week #4 they are linked up on the left sidebar <------.   Here is the Week #2 Chart:

  • My blogger buddies from the north probably won't like this but damn was it hot yesterday.  I got home from work around 6pm and put on my Brooks and went for a 6.5 mile run.  It was 80 degrees and humid and by the time I got back home I was soaking wet.  It has been cold for so longer here in Houston that I forgot just how uncomfortable the heat and humidity can be!  I know, I know someone right now is looking at my blogger pic and is crushing my head between their thumb and finger!
  • I have received a few emails from my readers about the Healthcare Bill.  I cannot even write about it right now.  Just too exhausting.  I really just want everyone in Washington voted out.  All of them.  The system is broke and the only way to fix it is to take a wreaking ball and demolish everything and start from scratch.  That is all I got.
  • This afternoon my Tri Club is having an Open Water Swim about 20 minutes from my house in the San Jacinto River.  I am excited to try out my new Vortex 3 Wetsuit
  • This week's episode of LOST was one of the best ever.  You really didn't get many answers about the Island or Jacob.  But we got to see the Man In Black again and Richard's back story was AWESOME.  This sucker ends on May 23rd and I have no idea how they are going to wrap it all up.
  • Hows 'bout the NCAA March Madness!!!  I completely crapped the bed on both of my brackets but some of the games have been great and upsets are becoming the norm.
  • We are going to look at a used road bike for Annie this evening.  I found a guy locally who is selling a bunch of roadies and one is a 50cm Trek 1000.  Annie wants to start riding with me and this would be a great banger bike to see how she likes it.  And if she becomes a hardcore cyclist she can get a better bike and this one can be relegated to trainer duty.  If we get it I'll throw up some pics and you roadies out there can tell me what you think?
Okay, that is all for this morning.  Wish me luck so that I do not drown later today in the river.

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  1. Week one.......check! My arms are going to look awesome in some new cute summer dresses this year!

  2. week one is a go, did the week 3 workout and all my last set maxes were in the 30 range (i might quit though) jk, but god this is gonna get reallll hard.

  3. I failed last week due to scheduling issues but I am all over it this week.

  4. we checked the water temp here in Memphis and it is at 56 degrees. All this week the temps are suppose to be low to upper 70s, so I am hoping to get in OWS in mid April! I am jealous!

  5. Out OWSs are about to start and I cant wait to use my vortex as well. Got to love the off season sales.

  6. LOST has me completely frustrated. I tire of every time anyone asks a question to someone the person answering looks off into the distance, or down, or somewhere... and answers in some sort of a riddle. If I was the one asking the question, I would be like "dude... how did that answer my question?" push-ups are going well, but feeling a bit ill and under the weather this week. Stay tuned... more soon.

  7. On that March Madness...

    GO EERS !!!!!

  8. Hi Jeff,
    This 100 Push up Challenge is kicking my A$$! I hurt real bad!! Seriously, I hope I am doing this right...I did the initial test and I was able to do 35...does this put me up to week four for my age group? Is this right or am I reading this wrong?

    Let me know because I have been doing week four and it is harder than hell:)

    Good job on yours and I am happy that you are having some nice spring weather!

  9. I had a great comment for the push up challenge, then I read how miserable warm it is, and i cant think, hmpf

  10. yup, it was 18 degrees here yesterday a.m., but still made it out for my run!

    I'm bummed SU is out of the running!

  11. Looks like everyone is doing awesome on the PU Challenge! Great job guys!

    MArk, Lost has me intrigued and frustrated all at the same time. BUT I've but some much into it that I need to see it through to the end!!

    Julie - With 35 PUs you should have started on Wk 3 like you did. Now you can either move onto Wk 4 or continue doing Wk 3 again until all the people who started at Wk 1 catches up. I did 41 PUs and started on Wk 3 ... I will be repeating Wk 3 again because it was hard and Wk 4 looks too intimidating!

    Diesel - I was thinking of you when I was overheating and felt bad, sorry. Hey but in July when I am relegated to treadmill and trainer workouts because it is 100 degrees with 90% humidity everyday - you can get me back..LOL!

    Molly - I had the 'cuse winning it all in one of my brackets. So I am bummed too!!

  12. week 1 down, week 2-day 1 down. my arms are so pumped they scare me! today was tough w/a total of 53 pushups(the guy pushups)...
    so glad you got that first OWS in and the xterra vortex was a winner! good job out there and you didn't drown! there is hope for me.

  13. I am most jealous of the temperature....we had to run in upper 20's over the weekend :(! I need to move already.

  14. Send your heat our way, PLEASE!!!

    Yeah, the last episode of Lost was GREAT. Hope the rest of the episodes are all like that one!

  15. Week 1 up to 5 push up column was able to do the three days (knee push ups)the last day being the hardest for me I don't know if did them all correctly but I did them! On to week 2.

  16. I just reset the iPhone app to start over at week 1. I am making progress, but I am still not up to the amount they want me to do in week 2

  17. I say, if you love racing, and you were going to go out and train that day anyway, why not get your butt out there and do it? I don't know your philosophy, but I would much rather be out there with 1700 hundred of my closest friends than a few training buddies.