Monday, March 1, 2010

Week 11 Training Recap and 10 Things About Me ...

Here are my week 11 totals:

Planned Volume:
Swim - 30 mins
Bike - 7 hrs 30 mins
Run - 1 hr 30 mins
Total Planned Volume - 9 hrs 30 mins

Actual Volume:
Swim - 1 hr
Bike - 6 hrs 45 mins (121.5 miles)
Run -  1 hr 15 mins (10.23 miles)
Total Actual Volume - 9 hrs 00 mins (121.73 miles)

Overall a good week of training.  Being that my profession is an outside sale manager with a monthly quota the last week of each month is usually challenging for me. The last week of each month is long days with tons of stress and this is pretty much the norm but if I can continue to get this type of volume in I will be happy.

This week is a lesser volume rest week built into my training program.  I am debating on following it or adding more workouts?  I am feeling really good right now but am afraid I might get worn out if I do not take it.

Julie from, Julie's Running Blog, tagged me to list 10 Random Things About Myself.  So here are 10 Random Things:

1. Favorite food is Pizza, which I rarely eat.
2. The best vacation I ever had was in Bradenton, Florida during Spring Training for the Pirates.
3. I teach Doctors how to surgically place dental implants and also know how to do a Root Canal.
4. My favorite all-time band is Led Zeppelin.
5. I have been happily married for 8 years.
6. I have a Real Estate License.
7. My Blackberry runs my life.
8. Have been a Texas resident for 5+ years now.
9. Hate country music.
10. I was an Intern with the Pittsburgh Penguins during my Junior year of college.

So that is all I got today.  Time to watch Jack Bauer waste some baddies!

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  1. I am going to enjoy reading your posts this week to see if you will violate your recovery period! I put off my recovery week for weight training. I didn't really do it on purpose, it is just that it has been such a routine that I just automatically do it.

    Hey, I like your 10 things. I am surprised that a young man you likes Led Zeppelin.

  2. good numbers for the week Jeff! I'm with you on #9 of your 10 random things, blah! Onward for another great week of training.

  3. Hi Jeff,
    Thanks for being such a good sport:) You have a great list!! So you know how to do a flipping root canal and you teach dentists how to do a difficult procedures!! Wow!! It must have been pretty fun to have that internship with the Pittsburgh Penguins when you were in college:) I am sure that you have tons of good stories!! Have a great day Jeff!!

  4. I am with you on the crackberry and the pizza

  5. Boomer - Did ok this morning. Was supposed to do only 30mins on the trainer and I did!
    As for Zeppelin, I started playing guitar in HS and was drawn to their sound. My father was into bands like them, Floyd, Allmond Bros, Stones, Steely Dan, CCR ... and he has a large album collection that I used to listen to.

    Julie - yep that is what I do every day. Root canals and implants, blood and bone! And the Pens intern was so much fun. We spent most of our 2 hour lunches playing hockey.

  6. Bradenton Bradenton Bradenton!!! lol Sorry I'm just a little excited. I actually moved to Bradenton in August for grad school. A bunch of us are going to a Pirates game....when they play the MN Twins though ;) But I'm excited