Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring and Fantasy Baseball

I had a great 2500M swim yesterday evening.  As I have mentioned time and time again I struggle with my swimming.  I do not particularly like it, probably because I am slow.  BUT something happened last night while I was sludging through the water:  A light bulb went off!  Yep, I had the "Ahhh Haaa!!" moment in the pool.  This is when everything comes together at one magical moment and all the drills and laps of the previous months culminate in your brain and body and you declare to yourself, "I know how to swim!"  Last night about 30 minutes into my workout this happened.  It was glorious.  Now for the rest of that workout I was effortlessly gliding lap after lap, somehow I channeled my inner Michael Phelps and can only hope that "feel for the water" will still be with me tonight.  Fingers Crossed!

Okay, got up at 5:30 this morning and went for an RPE 3-4 run.  It was 67 degrees and a little humid out.  Birds were chirping, mosquitoes were fluttering around, and I saw two road killed snakes on the road.  All signs that Spring has arrived in Texas! 

Now this means that Baseball season is also about 4 weeks away.  I am the commissioner of a Fantasy Baseball League.  We have been doing this league on CBS Sportsline for about 6 years now.  One of my owners is going overseas for work so he had to back out and I am looking for another.  SOOOO .... if any of you (Steve) are interested in being in my fantasy baseball league send me an email (  The league is $75 to enter (pay at the end of the season).  We do an online live draft.  It is a Head-to-Head league so you set your rosters on Sunday and play a different team each week.  No waivers.  Most of the owners are a bunch of sarcastic a-holes (just like me) so you might need a tough skin to be in this league.  Let me know who is interested!

Off to work ....

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  1. Nice work on the swim!!!!

    I am gonna pass on the fantasy baseball, already to consumed with the race season.

  2. Swimming is great when it clicks like that. I find that any time I am away from it for a week or two, when I get back in it takes a couple of weeks to get that feeling back. But it's great when to returns!

  3. I wish I had more "Ahhh Haaa" moments:) Nice job on the swim Jeff!!

  4. Jeff, as much as I love the game, I've never played fantasy baseball! I've never been drawn to it. I don't dig into the stats like I used to, so I'm not sure I could fill out a good roster, let alone a good line up.

  5. Man, I want an "ahhh haaa" moment with my swimming. Since I have gotten back in the water I am working real hard to get mine.

  6. I wish swimming could be enjoyable for me. I think I put too much thought into it and let technicalities get in the way.

    As for seeing two dead snakes...I would freak out. Dead or alive, they scare me.

  7. after a great swim, like last night's, i always keep my fingers crossed to that i don't lose whatever it was that clicked, on the next swim. have a great weekend Jeff and thanks for the tech tip on the video...i "got" it!

  8. Thanks everyone ... hit the pool again yesterday and "it" was still there!

    Snakes suck. I ran on the road the rest of the run because I was afraid another snake was gonna jump out and hit me. Totally irrational, I know, but I just HATE snakes!