Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Training Recap and 100 Push Ups Update ...

Last week my HIM plan looked like this:

Total Planned Volume (3/8 - 3/14):
Swim -- 2hr 30 mins
Bike --  3hr 45 mins
Run --  2hr 30 mins
Total Planned Volume --  8 hrs :45 mins

Total Actual Volume (3/8 - 3/14):
Swim --  2hr 30 mins (6000M)
Bike --  3hr 55 mins (69.50 Mi)
Run -- 2hr 42 mins (18.72 Mi)
Total Actual Volume -- 9hrs :07 mins

Not a bad week at all.  All three sports were right on and I did not miss any workouts this week.  Pretty much followed the plan.  Also, in the mail this week I received a bunch of new gear from Brooks that is going to get me through the summer for shoes, shorts and tech shirts.  AND I bought a pair of Tri shorts from TYR that were on sale for $23 about 3 months ago at all3sports.com.  Well, I wanted to get the matching top and it was unavailable everywhere.  But I found it on Amazon.com last week for $18 - marked down from $62 - so it was worth the wait.  New Tri Suit for the season for around $40 is pretty decent in my book!

100 Push Up Challenge Update:
Thanks to everyone who has stepped up to take the challenge.  As of right now we have 31 32 badasses participating and if you want to get in just let me know by either comments or email (jeffirvin@gmail.com).  To see who is on the list look to the left side bar ( <<<<<). So far we got some rather awesome numbers coming in and it will be cool to see how many of us can get to 100!  If I missed your name please let me know because they were coming in fast and furious yesterday.  The challenge begins on Monday, March 22nd - that means you have to do the Initial Fit Test before than and let me know!

Thanks for Reading,

P.s.  -- KC over at 140 Point 6 Miles is doing a give-a-way for Ryders Eyewear.  Go check it out and get your name in the hat!


  1. Hi Jeff,
    It looks like you had an awesome week...did a little better than you expected:) Wow, look at all of those 100 push up challenge contenders!! I better get working ASAP!! You are so lucky....you got new tri clothes..and they were on sale:)

  2. Nice week of volume!

    I did 6 pushups this morning and they HURT. haha! the 20 I did yesterday made me sore?!?!? Im laughing at myself...

  3. Jeff, I was looking at some tri clothing and swim jammers recently. I got a great set of jammers from speedo. Dude, you got a great price on the clothing. Why doesn't that stuff ever happen to me.

  4. Thanks for the clothing tips, always looking to save some money.

    39 pushups

  5. Very nice week! And love getting bargains on tech. clothing.

  6. there you go again, trying to be like me : )
    i love finding great bargains, especially on tri apparel. As i always say, i never, ever pay full price for anything. just a little internet search on stuff like that and you can save so much money...just gotta do your homework that's all. by the way, i'm deadly sore from the pushups on monday. glad i got a jump start so i can get these muscles ready for next week's "official" starting date. i saw one of your comments earlier and you were asking someone about the water bottle mounts that attack to the seat, right? a tri friend of mine gave me her x-lab one over the weekend and i haven't put it on yet...will update on that when i do. i hate to put it on though...more weight added onto the bike : (

  7. i forgot to mention...you rocked the mileage on your workout last week! making me feel like a slacker, especially in the pool! great job Jeff!

  8. I think we need an age handicap on the push up contest....

  9. That's great that you got some good deals. Can't beat that!

    Have fun with the pushup challenge! Sounds like you had a great training week, too. Well done!

  10. KC - Let me know how the xlabs works out!

    Bob -- HandiCap away my friend ... you can do the knee pushups!

  11. Great deals on clothes, and great training week!

    30.5 push ups (does the half whiny push-up count?). I can barely pick my arms up onto my desk to type now - I don't have to do that again for like, two weeks, do I?