Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Challenge, Ramblings, and Gear Recaps ...

Sunday Morning Ramblings ...

  •  When I did P90X my upper body was pretty ripped up.  I went from this:

To this:

  • I am still very lean but the upper body definition is not what it was after I completed P90X.  So, in order to find a happy balance and not lose any time training in swim, bike, or run I am going to begin the 100 Push-Up Challenge.   Basically, this is a 6-week training program to get you to do 100 push-ups consecutively.  The program has you workout only 3 days a week (Mon-Wed-Fri) for about 10 minutes a day. This week I am going to do the "Initial Fit Test" and see how my fitness ranks and then on March 22nd I (along with my wife Annie and our friend Elizabeth) am going to officially begin the program.  Any of you out there that are suffering from the same disproportional lower to upper body ratio as me are welcomed to join us!  Post in the comments that you are in and we can all report back to each other every week and track our progress. I will post a list of everyone in one of the sidebars to keep us all accountable.
  • Do you guys remember my post about the H20 Audio Swimming Headphones?  Well, after using them for a little less then a month I have to report back that they - ARE AWESOME!  Occasionally they fall out of my ears but for the most part they work perfectly.  With music I just get lost in my swimming.  The best part is that when people try to talk to me I just point at my headphones like I can't hear them and just keep swimming ...LOL ... don't mess with my training people - we can chat when I am done!!!
  • Yesterday's 10K race was a lot of fun for Annie and her friend Ruth Ann.  They both ran hard and finished better than expected.  Ernie was a celebrity pug and gained the attention of children and women all morning long - if I was a single guy Ernie would be an ass magnet!  Here is a pic of the ladies before the race:
Finisher shot before the race - they were quite confident!

  • This mornings OWS got scrapped so I will have to wait to try out the new wetsuit, but not for long because my Tri Club is planning a group OWS next Sunday!
  • In the blog-O-sphere:  Big Daddy Diesel posted a hysterical survey call Who DO you Love?.  Check it out because it is funny, but make sure your spouse/SO is not looking over your shoulder!!!
  • Getting ready to go to the Dog Park and then for a run.  Happy Training everyone!
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  1. sign me up for the 100 push-ups! this will be fun!

  2. One hundred pushups is aggresive for anyone. Great challenge! I might try the fit test just to see where I rank right now.

    I also remember that P90X After shot too. That was a great achievement, but whodathunk it was the spring board for so much more?

  3. Looking good Jeff!! I love before and after pictures! It will keep me motivated to bust out the push-ups:) I can only do thirty-five in a row but I will keep working!

  4. Damn dude! How big was the baby after you gave birth in Pic 1?
    Just kidding. Were you cheating and sticking it out... just a little??
    I actually have heard great things about that program. If I dont give birth soon, I may have to try it.

  5. dude! wicked transformation! how much weight did you lose?

  6. Nice work! I love before and after pics. You are going to be a mean lean racing machine soon!

  7. Bob - I wish I was sticking it out. Actually, this was when I first started this blog and was really hesitant to put a picture up because it would be embarrassing. This was the best one I had .. it was that bad!

    Jon - 2 years ago I was at 200lbs. When I began P90X a couple of months after that I was 190lbs. Today I weighed 148lbs.

    Steve - you have been added to the challenge!!! Along with KC, Annie, Elizabeth and me! Boomer if you are out there consider yourself entered!!!

  8. Ok, Jeff... I'm in. I will do my Initial Fit Test this week too.

  9. ok, initial fit test yesterday with 12 perfect form pushups. today, after swimming 2500 meters, i did the prescribed day 1 with
    10, 12, 7, 7, 10 (max on last set was 9 so i did one extra)...then finished the rest of my upper body workout. my entire upper body is toast thank you very much. all good! day 2 is on wed.

  10. ooops, i just realized i'm a week ahead of schedule. over enthusiastic i guess. ok, i can "officially" start 3/22.

  11. KC - always got to be the the head of the class by getting an early jump on everyone else!! (-:

    Boomer is on the list!!!

  12. Wow..congrats on your weight loss! I looked up the challenge and think it's a great idea! Sign me up! :)