Friday, March 19, 2010

Deep Fried Twinkies and Mutton Bustin' ...

*** Programming note - if you have not given me you Initial Test Push Up results please do by this Monday.  i will have a post on Sunday morning highlighting the important points of the 100 Push Up Challenge.  Check back for details. ***

Last night night Annie and I went to the Houston Rodeo with our friends Jim and Elizabeth.  The Rodeo is a 20 day event that features big concerts and over 2 million visitors each year.  It is the largest rodeo in the world.  We had a lot of fun, ate like crap, watched Five- year old kids ride sheep, ate like crap, watched Fergie shake it, had too many beers, and ate like crap again!

Here are some pictures of our excess to get you through the weekend:

This is where the Texan attempt to play football.  It is one of the nicer NFL Stadiums and the Rodeo is held inside.

Here is the Astrodome, once known as the 8th wonder of the world.  Now it is our red-headed stepchild of stadiums.  Look how beautiful the sky is!  It was a wonderful 75 degree South East Texas Day!

Annie and Elizabeth standing in front of a huge carnival - bad eats are here!

This is a Deep Fried Twinkie.  I ate it and it was GLORIOUS!!!

Annie enjoyed the Deep Fried Twinkie too! I look on in disgust ...

This was like a 30 lb rabbit, really!

Cowboy Up!

I ate this.  It is a BBQ Turkey Leg.  It was awesome.  My eyes should tell the story as too why.  

Now this video is of something called Mutton Bustin'.  Five and Six year old kids are placed on the back of little sheep and whoever holds on the longest wins. It is one of the most hysterical things you will ever see.  This is the second year we have watched this and the primary reason (aside from Fried Twinkies) that I go to the Rodeo.  Enjoy:

It is now time to go train.  A lot.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!



  1. Hi Jeff,
    Wow, the Houston Rodeo looks like fun:) The Twinkie I am not so sure about but the turkey leg looks so good!! Hey Jeff, you are looking like you could be on the cover of GQ Magazine:) Are you wearing cowboy boots?

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Deep fried twinkie? Turkey leg? Just looking at that makes my hips grow! Can you believe i've never ever had a twinkie?

  3. That looks like a ton of fun. Fried Twinkies. It's proof that some southerner has thrown just about everything he owns into a deep fryer...and then tried to eat it.

    That turkey leg bought you an extra hour on the trainer, buddy!!

  4. OMG! the video had me ROFL...even though I'm on the bike trainer as I peck this msg out. they must be feeding those rabbits deep fried twinkies too. I have no worries you will burn it all off this w/e...hope you have a great one!

  5. Must be nice to eat deep fried food!!!

  6. Julie - no boots for me - yet! I am from the NorthEast (Pittsburgh) so I haven't quite latched onto the cowboy boot thing yet.

    Chantalle- you really aren't missing much. Stay away if you know whats good for you!

    Steve - They deep fry everything in the south. My choices of deep fried food was as followed: twinkie, snickers, M&M's, Cheesecake, Moon Pie, and oreo's. And probably a few more I am forgetting.

    KC - the rabbits were HUGE! I've never seen anything like it before and there were hundreds of them!!! The Mutton Bustin is even more fun live. The kids really have fun doing it too.

    Diesel - Stay away from that crap. Good for you. My nutrition is usually super strict. And super clean. Protein and whole grains is how I roll and I keep my fat around 10-15% of total intake. One time a year I eat bad and this is it. I take a lot of shit from my friends about my nutrition but they all shut up when I say, "My BF% is 9 percent, what is yours?" -- that usually ends the conversation rather I felt like crap today too because of the junk food yesterday - my body is in a little shock. Today has been grilled chicken, grilled fish and tons of water and I am feeling better finally.

  7. I love the post today. I remember when you posted about the rodeo last year. In fact, that is how I learned about the fried twinkie.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the mutton bustin video! LOL!!! A little mutton is better than nuttin'.

  8. Ha ha..the muton bustin' is hilarious! Those kids are brave!

    Sorry, but when I saw the pic of the fried twinkie I almost puked. But, maybe that wouldn't have been so bad b/c then I would have gotten Big Daddy Diesel's puke award! Ha ha!

  9. that turkey leg is HUGE...same with the rabbit. you guys really do everything bigger down in Texas!

  10. Deep fried Twinkies, deep fried pickles, and deep fried Oreo's are all on the menu at our local minor league park for the Gwinnett Braves. You can't get Cracker Jack, but you can get a fried pickle.