Sunday, March 21, 2010

100 Push Up Challenge ... Start your engines ... Week One

It is time to officially kick off the Dangle the Carrot ... 100 Push Up Challenge.  We have about 40 die-hard fitness freaks stepping up to put themselves through a 6 week program.  This will undoubtedly make us all so buff for the upcoming summer that last season's swim wear will deem itself unworthy to be worn on our newly ripped up bodies.  With out further adieu - lets get to it!

Here is our schedule for the first week:

It is pretty simple.  The sets are down the left hand side and wherever you ranked in the initial test is across the top.  For example:  If you did 9 Push Ups you would fall into the 6-10 Push Up range.  So, go right down the five sets until you finish.  As you can see you will do this workout 3 days a week - that is it.  Probably 8-10 minutes max on those 3 days!

Now if you want to print these out click HERE for the Pocket Print Out.  This is a handy little calendar that lets you have your workouts viewable wherever you may be!  So, if you are in line at the DMV - pull out your schedule and drop and do your Push Ups.  Waiting to pick your kid up from school - grab the little schedule and viola!  Making pasta and waiting for the water to boil?  Boom - on the floor!!  Okay, I think you get the picture.  This is easy and we should have no trouble getting the workouts in, right?

Now many of you did more than 20 Push Ups in the initial test.  If this is the case the program recommends we begin on Week 3.  My suggestion is that you do the Week 3 workout for 3 straight weeks and then once everyone catches up we move onto Week 4 as a group.  If you want to start on Week 3 and then keep going please feel free.  Even though we are doing this as a big group each and everyone of us needs to set our own individual goals and if you can get to 100 Push Ups in 4 weeks we will be your biggest supporters!

So how are we going to track our progress over the next six weeks?  That is a little tougher to measure since we are all at different levels.  My suggestion is that every Sunday evening (the end of a week) I will post a recap of how it is going for me and then in the comments we can all encourage each other to work hard.  If you have a good story to share about your individual experience send me an email and I will post the story.

Here is an example:
Dear Jeff,  I was walking my dog at 5am this morning.  And Spike was taking his sweet old time to do his business.  Normally I would stand around and wait for Spike to finish up --- Well, not today!  When Spike headed off to poop in my neighbors front yard I decided to get in some push ups.  So I dropped down right on the sidewalk and ripped off 5 sets.  After I finished Spike was standing there waiting on me for once - talk about turning the tables on my dog!  And the best part is that when my neighbor came out to yell at me for not cleaning up Spike's poop I just flex my biceps and he turned around and ran back in his house.  What a great day.  Thank you Push Ups!
-- Jenna from Texas

And in return for a story like this you will be awarded with all the glory, praise, and notoriety that comes from having a story posted on this blog -- and believe me my friends when I tell that really none of those things really occur.  So you will have that going for you.

We are ready to rock the heck out of this challenge people - drop and give me 20!

That is all.

Thanks for Reading,



  1. I'm looking forward to the challenge. Love the example comment you made me LOL!

  2. Good for you for getting this going. You will all look like rock stars (well, maybe elite athletes is a better analogy!)

  3. Hi Jeff,
    Actually, I am really glad that posted week one's training schedule. I really wasn't sure how to do the training so this helps:)

    I will go do those twenty right now:)

  4. Jeff if you need my pushup intitial test stat it was 50. I saw the workout and am excited for the challenge.

  5. Thanks for posting this schedule. I was trying on some cute summer dresses yesterday and noticed I need all the help I can get to get rid of that unsightly jiggle. Let the push-ups begin!

  6. Ohhhh .... if you havent told me your max test yet email to: or leave a comment.

  7. lol at your 'sample' story. not sure i will have enough wit to come up with that... but we'll see. :)

    bring on the pushups!

  8. I plan on ripping out at least 20 in the aisle of the southwest plane tonight.... in between beers (of course)

  9. Ha ha...nice sample story! :)

    Thanks for the week one schedule! Que music, "Let's get it star-ar-ar-ted"

  10. Ok, I am about 90% better from my bout of vertigo (ear infection from swimming). So I will be ready to go by tomorrow. I will start at week 3 then depending on how it feels, I may go to week 4 the following week and hang out there for a couple weeks. At any rate, I will make sure I finish up by the time everyone else finishes the program. Actually, I am kind of worried about finishing because Jeff may come up with some other scary thing for us to do.

  11. Glad you guys liked my fake story!

    Bob -- I am sure the flight crew on Southwest will join you!

    Boomer - Good to hear you are almost back to yourself from the vertigo! This will be the only program for 6 weeks! Other than the s/b/r that we all do anyway ..hehe

  12. I am feeling ripped just reading this! Bring it pushups!!!

  13. Hi Jeff, based on some of the he man results I am happy to be doing this! I got up to a grand total of 21. tried to cheat a couple more but my wife busted me! Bring it on! looking forward to this result! Cheers and thanks for the challenge!

  14. Workout one already done and I had a hard time walk thru the door way, maybe Mr Universe competion is on the way, but of course, if I did do it, the battle would always be to see who will be in second place. I wonder what I would like more, to be on the cover of Triathlete or Muscle and Fitness

  15. Jeff, am I too late for the challenge? I want in! Beth B.