Sunday, April 19, 2009

New Layout - New Training - New Day

You probably thought you were on the wrong blog when you first clicked here today!

Well, I changed things around some to accommodate my new Google Triathlon Training Calendar. This is going to allow everyone to see how my training is going and allow me to update from my iGoogle Homepage (I love Google).

Now most of the links and such on the right are still the same. I just cleaned it up and moved my P90X Round 2 Day-by-Day tracker from the top of the page to the right. If you are not interested in the Triathlon/P90X Hybrid Training then you can go back and read the 220+ posts about P90X until your hearts content.

I have added in my first four weeks of training on the calendar. I have 15-weeks until the Triathlon so this schedule will more than likely be adjusted a few times over the course of that time. Another thing that is going to be a little different is that the weather is going to have influence over my training schedule. This was never an issue with just P90X but since jogging and cycling are now included mother nature is going to have her say on if these get completed!

I have also decided that my nutrition is going to mirror the ratios of Phase 2 of the P90X program. I really do not want to lose any more weight. But over the next few weeks I may have to add in some more complex carbs an additional calories if I notice I am dragging ass.

That brings me to something that is a little different: Supplement Withdrawal!

I just made that phrase up so it probably doesn't make sense. What it means is that since I have have finished P90X I have quit taking Cell Mass, Nitrix, and NoXplode and I am feeling the effects of not having them during my workouts. It has been seven days since my last supplement and my workouts have not been all that strong lately. The only thing I can equate this to is my lack of kickass supps!

I quit taking them because the manufacture recommends after you complete a 12-week cycle you should stop for a month. I figure that I have 3 more weeks to go and I can start my next cycle with exactly 12-weeks to go until my Triathlon - should work out well!

That is pretty much it for now. I will be back later with an update on today's workouts!

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  1. Love the calendar! Good look with your triathlon!

  2. Thanks Michael - Google makes it very easy to embed the calendar. I wish I would have discovered this during my last couple of rounds of P90X.

  3. Whoa! Nice addition to your site. I like the calendar a lot. Very cool.

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