Wednesday, April 8, 2009

P90X Round 2 Day 80: Back & Biceps

This is such a great workout! Annie joined me today again for Back & Biceps and we both worked it out. This was her first time doing the Back & Biceps and she did really well. Just like the rest of us she wasn't a huge fan of the corn cobbs!

We worked out pretty late tonight and were starving by the end and decided to not do ARX. We are going to do it tomorrow before Yoga. Well, at least I am going to do that. Annie is not a fan of Yoga (I feel like I am on a P90X Yoga island all by myself- and sometimes Steve stops by) and will probably do Cardio X or go to Spin Class.

We had an awesome day weather wise today and I really wanted to go for a bike ride or a run! But I need to finish this round out and start my triathlon training next week.

A buddy of mine is going to do the triathlon also. He went to his gym last night and tried to do a 25M swim. He completed it but said his ass was dragging by the end and he doggie paddled alot. He is a runner and should easily complete that portion of the Tri but neither of us have much swimming experience. So, it will be interesting to see how I perform when I get a chance to swim because I have been doing the P90X. I already know the P90X prepared me for cycling because that has been a breeze. I struggled some running but that was more because of poor sneakers than conditioning. So the next test is the swimming portion. I am probably going to join a gym on Saturday so maybe that will be my test day!

Tomorrow is Yoga and ARX!

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  1. Will you be doing any strength training as part of your triathlon training?

    I am going to attempt P90X while doing my tri-training, but if it gets too intense, I may have to modify it a lot or drop it all together... at least until my triathlon comes up.

    As it is, I will have to drop yoga, kenpo and possibly plyo.

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  2. Yessiree...I've washed up on the shore of Yoga Island several times. It's slow moving but you can't ignore the fact that the first 45 minutes are just as much of a leg workout than anything else Tony throws at you. You just don't know it till you're done.

    This week has been the hardest of all my P90X weeks. My body is really feeling it. I've done a Tabata after Monday and Wednesdays workouts, which only adds to the intensity of an already intense week. My body is taxed! I never thought I'd look forward to a recovery week like this...but it can't get here soon enough!

    I wish you and Boomer all sorts of success with your triathlon training. It's a huge accomplishment to do that, and so much of a challenge for which to train. A tip of the cap to you guys for undertaking that while also doing the X.


  3. Boomer - I feel like I have to do some strength training. If I don't I'm afraid that all of my gains will be lost. I am going to get rid of all the cardio workouts in the P90X series and try to work in the the strength and core workouts. I have also decided to substitute the pushups with a bench and dumbbells like you have been doing! This should allow for fewer reps but a greater concentration on the target muscle groups.

    I am thinking that if I'm swimming 2-3 days/week then I can limit my lifting to 2 days per week b/c the swimming should be a pretty good upper body workout.

    At least that is my plan. Once I actually get into the workouts it maybe a different story!

  4. Thanks Steve! I am going to keep the blog rolling along as usual. It has become a crutch for me!

    My body is pretty beat up right now also. Strains and Pains all over the place! This is a brutal 90 days and you will need a break when you are all finished.

    We can see the finish line - just might have to limp to it :-)

  5. Man excellant job, P90x is the most brutal workout I've ever come across. But man do I feel like I've accomplished something when it's all over

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