Thursday, April 30, 2009

Triathlon Training Day 11 & 12: Stength Training + 4 Mile Run

Sorry I didn't post yesterday. I had a LOOONGG day working and got my workout in and hit the sack. Yesterday was a little different for me. I wanted to go cycling but it was dark by the time I got home. I also wanted to watch the "Biggest Loser" that I DVR'd a couple of days ago. So, I brought my dumbbells into the Family room and did about 40 minutes of Shoulders and Arms with the dumbbells. I used all of the P90X exercises while watching TV and it went pretty well! It was good to layoff the cardio for a day and get in some strength training. The P90X workouts have taken a bit of a backseat since I have started preparing for the Triathlon, but that needs to change because I really don't want to lose all the definition in my arms and back!

Today was another long ass day working but at least i was home before dark! So, I did a 4-mile run. I am getting stronger each time out and am really starting to enjoy running. My split at the first mile was 7:24 and my Heart Rate was 155 BPM at the 1 mile mark. My split at the 3.1 mile mark was 24:49. This is my best time yet and about 6 minutes better from when I started running a couple weeks ago. My only problem was that at about the 2-mile mark my HR was at 169BMP. I blame my new playlist on the iPod! I have been using the Lance Armstrong Jogging Mix that my wife found on iTunes. It was a bunch of moderate paced type songs. Perfect for running while focusing on your HR. But for some reason I used my own selections - "Let the Bodies Hit the Floor" by Drowning Pool and "Through the Fire and Flames" by Dragon Force (from Guitar Hero III) - in the middle of the playlist and they really got me going. I think I am still a couple of weeks away until I can training with these types of songs!

Tomorrow I am going to swim again and do ARX. I'm enjoying doing ARX and with all the running, swimming, and cycling my core is pretty strong right now.

One thing that I am looking forward to is getting back on my BSN supplements. I have been cold turkey for 3 weeks now and could use the boost they give me. In 7 days I am going to start again and I cannot wait! I am probably only going to use No Xplode and Nitrix because the P90X Recovery Drink has come back into my life. Since Annie started doing P90X she needed a recovery drink so it came back and I love the taste of it so it is going to stay at least until the tub is finished!

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  1. Hi Jeff! I just started P90x yesterday and was just randomly searching for P90X blogs and yours came up! Your success and progress is impressive and I have enjoyed browsing your blogs! You have inspired me to create my own. Good luck with your triathlon!

  2. Sorry to hear about your work grind. Oh well, it pays the bills and, more importantly, our triathlon disease!

    24:49!!! Everytime I read about your runs, I am just blown away. Just incredible!

  3. Yup, your times are getting much better. I really wish I could run but my joints, knees can't handle it. I'm a short-sprint kinda guy (ran a 4.3/40 in high school), but ask me to run two miles? I'll have shin-splints in no time!

    I'm back on the X after taking off two weeks, and I did Legs and Back this morning, with modified cable and dumbbell work. Instead of step-back lunges, I did step-up lunges onto an 18" box with 40lb dumbbells. Oh man, my legs were TOAST after that and I can still feel them two hours later!

    BTW, I'm using Cellmass this time around as my recovery/post workout drink. Would like to hear your comparisons of Cellmass to P90X Recovery Drink since you and Annie are both using it.

  4. Christina, Thank you and Welcome! Good luck with P90X and if you have nay questions please don't hesitate to ask!

  5. Boomer - that is the truth about work! The end of the month is always long for me b/c I have a monthly quota!

    I gotta tell ya - I'm sort of surprised by my gains running? I was hopeful that I'd be between 24-25 mins in the 5K by the time of the Tri, not right now!

  6. Steve, I was always a sprint guy myself too so this "jogging" is all new to me!

    I bet you are glad to be back on the P90X bandwagon. I miss doing the workouts each day and will probably start a new round after the Tri.

    The Cell mass is so much better if you are trying to build muscle and strength. It is 4-parts creatine so it is designed for gains. Whereas the P90X drink is more for recovery and just getting extra calories in. I will start using it again as soom as Im done with the P90X tub.