Friday, April 24, 2009

Triathlon Training Day 6: 400 Meter Swim and Ab Ripper X

Raise your hand if you are glad it is Friday! I had one long week and really need a recharge this weekend.

On my way home from the city I stopped at the Bike shop in Kingwood and they helped me out with getting a new tube for the flat tire and got me setup with a repair kit and CO2. Now I am set to do my Brick tomorrow!

I then stopped at the gym to get in a few laps. Some local swim club was using the indoor pool so I went to the outdoor one instead. This is the first time to go outdoors and I am glad that I did because the water was a perfect temperature and I had the pool to myself. The only bad part was that 16 laps in a big bolt of lightning shot across the sky so that was my cue to get the heck out of there! A couple of minutes later a big time thunderstorm hit and luckily I was back in the gym by that time! I was trying to get in 25 laps but once again mother nature prevented that from happening. The 16 laps were good strong ones though so I am not disappointed at all!

Today was my strongest swim to date. I still have to pause to get my breath every few laps or so but I am getting better. Boomer recommended a book called, "Total Immersion: The Revolutionary Way to Swim Better, Faster, and Easier". I picked it up a couple of days ago and am going to try and get through it this weekend. Supposedly, their are a bunch of drills and techniques that really help you with the freestyle stroke. Should be a good read!

After the swim I came home and before dinner I ripped out AB Ripper X! I was moving right along until I hit the Mason Twists -- I got to 40 but I was in pain! ARX will never be easy, ever!

Up early tomorrow - 14 Miles on the bike and then immediately hit the pavement for the 5K. I am not going to set a time goal for myself because I will fixate on it. Instead my goal is to just complete the Brick and not vomit on the street!

Thanks for Reading and I hope everyone has a great weekend!



  1. Look into the "flip turn" if you don't know how to do it yet. It will make your laps flow easier, and allow you to conserve energy. Keep up the great work. You're an inspiration!

  2. Believe it or not I had to swim through thunderstorms. I was a search and rescue crewman for a portion of my time in the military and doing rescues at sea in thunderstorms happens on occasions. It is never a comfortable feeling. It is cool that you have an indoor pool in which to train.

    I won't be able to get a swim in for a few days. I am excited to try the techniques in the book.

    Btw, check this Total Immersion youtube video out and read the comments... click hereBoomer
    Project Exercise

  3. I did a different kind of workout today. I beat my head against a wall for twenty minutes after learning the Detroit Lions signed Matthew Stafford to a record 6 year contract. (BTW, I'm a lifelong Detroit Lions fan. I covet your prayers)They had the WORST defense in the league..and instead of trading the pick for a QB, they sign a guy who's really not a consensus #1 overall pick! Oh oh...I'm about to begin my second set of head/wall beatings...

  4. Thanks I have been working on the flip turn it does make it easier.

    Boomer, thanks for the video! I will check it out tonight!

  5. Steve, Being from Piitsburgh I can honestly say I cannot relate to the travesty that is the Detroit Lions. Well, I'm a Pirates fan so I sorta understand :-)

    I think Stafford could succeed on a team with talent around him just like Matt Ryan or Big Ben did. But the Lions need so much. They'd been much better off taking Smith or Curry or trading down for a few extra picks. The problem is with the draft talent being so average today no one probably wanted to trade for the #1 pick.

    Also, it could be worse, Millen could still be there and they could have taken a WR!

  6. Hey, you have a nice blog! I was wondering how you manage to fit all of your exercise into your schedule? I have enough problems dragging my butt into the gym let alone go on a 15 mile bike ride! Kudos to you sir.

  7. Thanks p90X - at times it is difficult to fit my workouts in. But that is why I have a calendar at the top of my blog to keep me organized. I also have a schedule on my Blackberry with the times I need to workout. Too me it is just like I have an appointment that cannot be missed. If you plan ahead and schedule in your workouts it becomes much easier!