Tuesday, April 14, 2009

P90X Round 2 Day 86: 625-Meter Swim and Core Synergistics

First, I want to thank everyone for your kinds words about my pictures that I posted yesterday. It helps to stay motivated when others support you so THANK YOU! And in the same vein of support - check out these Final P90X Pics of my buddy Boomer at his Project Exercise Blog. Great job Boomer!

Onto today's dreaded swim. If you read about my first adventure into a pool last week I am happy to report that today was a much better experience.

I need a sidebar here for a minute to address something that is bothering me. And that something is the blatant male nudity at the gym. Seriously, if you are reading my blog today and you are that guy that walks around the locker room back-and-forth for prolonged periods of time buck naked --- STOP! They give free towels out at the front desk - please use them. Especially use the towel if you are over the age of 75. And another thing, if you are the above mentioned offender do not strike up a conversation with others in the locker room, especially me. Thank you, that is all I have to say about this.

So, today's swim was much better. I watched a bunch of videos on YouTube and eHow.com on how to do the freestyle stroke. First off, I slowed down considerably from last week and focused on my form and breathing. It also helped that I had goggles - easier when your eyes aren't burning from the saltwater! The pool has 25M lanes and I ended up doing 25 laps. Which is 625 meters. I was completely exhausted about 15 meters in but I rested for a little and then did 5 more laps and still felt good so I did another 5 laps. I was very pleased with today's swim and actually cannot wait until my next one.

I got home and ate dinner and about an hour later I was feeling pretty good so I jumped upstairs and did Core Synergistics. This is just a great workout. About midway through I was feeling a little fatigued but I sucked it up and superman-banana'd my way to the finish line.

So as I sit here right now my arms, shoulders, thighs, and abs are feeling quite tired but I am happy I decided to to Core Syn.

Tomorrow's schedule has me doing Kenpo. Kenpo is rather boring to me at this stage of my P90X training so I will probably either cycle or run instead. Thursday is my scheduled rest day and I might take it because I have a convention starting in downtown Houston all day and then a HOA meeting later that evening. Those two events will more than likely wear me out!

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  1. Great job with your swimming! I knew that things would get better. The first day is just getting your feet wet (pun intended). The YouTube vids helped me quite a bit too.

    I suffered with core syn today. I think the P90X workout and 6.5 mile run yesterday and the 1 mile swim today tore me up. By the time I got to do core syn I was wasted. So I have to give you big time props!!!

    I loved the sidebar today. I can completely identify with you on that.

  2. Can I join the "suffered with Core Syn today" club too? My core is still sore...and its a day later. It felt good and I made it through, but I was draggin' and I'm feeling it today.

  3. Guys - just rolled out of bed and I am pretty sore too! Damn Core Syn whooped my butt.

  4. LMAO at the sidebar. It is very true.

    Michael G.