Saturday, April 4, 2009

P90X Round 2 Day 76: Legs and Back + 10 Mile Cycle

Just finished off Legs & Back and I am exhausted. I was out until about 3pm doing work today. I had a protein bar in place of lunch so when I got home I made myself a grilled chix sandwich on whole wheat and had an apple. Waited about an hour and decided to try out my new bike computer on my new cycling route! I mapped out a 6.5 mile route in my neighborhood. I tried to limit the amount of stop signs and put in a few straight aways. So, today I started out and everything was looking good until I got to my first straight away and the wind was blowing right in my face!!! Let's just say the wind REALLY effects you on a bike. WOW. I continued on through the neighborhood and had the wind at my back a few times too so it all balanced out!

Overall, I really enjoyed the cycle and enjoyed having the bike computer. I rode for 10.2 miles. My average speed was 14.9 MPH. And I biked for a little over 40 minutes. The Triathlon course I am doing has a 13.8 mile track. If I averaged that out I would have done the bike in 55 minutes. That needs to improve by 8-10 minutes for me to be happy with the time during the Tri! However, I did stop for probably 2-3 minutes to put air in my rear tire about 2 miles into the ride. I should have checked that before I left the garage. The reason I didn't do the full 13.8 today was because I wanted to do Legs & Back.

After the ride I went upstairs and immediately did Legs & Back. It was good because I was really warmed up and ready to go. It was bad because the leg portion was just brutal. My energy level was toast. The ride took more out of me than I thought because I only did 88 reps on the 8 pullups exercises today. I think I did 176 last week? And I was struggling to get to 88. Not only that but I am pretty sure it is going to be difficult to get out of bed tomorrow. After the ISO Lunge things my legs felt like two pieces of rubber. Going down the steps was difficult to navigate! I decided to skip ARX today because I was just too beat to do it. I'll toss it in tomorrow so I do not miss it. I took 3 advil and am drinking a ton of water tonight praying that it keeps me loose for Kenpo tomorrow. Good times - sometimes I wonder why I do this to myself!

But on the good news side - I am now wearing size 32 pants again! I haven't fit into size 32 since I was 19 years old. About 9 months ago I was wearing sizes 35 and 36 (and squeezing into some 34's The 32's aren't even tight either. I guess milestones like these answer the question of why I do this to myself!!!

Tomorrow is Kenpo and Monday begins Week 12!

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  1. Yeah I'd be happy to get wear pants with a 32" waist. When I was 19 I was wearing 30" pants, I don't know if that will ever happen again.

    I took my bike out today for a short ride. Weather at the time in the Chicago area. About 50 degrees...and windy.

  2. Hey there... sounds like you had a good ride. Yeah, the wind is a killer. Today I rode in the stiffest wind so far.

    The tire pressure is super important. I had to go home after my warm up to fill air before heading out. I need to remember my pump on my ride.

    Doing legs and back after cycling takes some intestinal fortitude. Great job! I know that leg today will be a problem with as much triathlon training we are doing.

    By the way... Jeff, I just want to thank you for visiting my site and leaving comments. It has given me great motivation. Further, your blog posts on this site rocks! I actually look forward to coming here to read your daily entries.

    I am very happy that I now have a someone which will go through beginning triathlon training with me. I will have someone with which I can bounce ideas and also someone who understands what its like to be a triathlon newbie.

    Just think, once we finish our first triathlon, we will be able to call ourselves P90X triathletes! Not too many of those around.

    Project Exercise

  3. Mark, I grew up outside of Pittsburgh and remember 50 degrees used to be "shorts weather" to me. Now that my body has acclamated to the Houston Texas climate 50 degrees is now "parka weather" ..... good job on getting the the bike out and getting some extra work .. that damn ChiTown wind is always brutal.

  4. Boomer, Congrats on finishing your 90 days!

    Yes, i am very happy i decided to purchase a pump to strap to my bikes frame. It already paid for itself!

    Also, a big thanks to you for your blog and contributing on mine. It is a HUGE help to have others going through the same ups/downs of the P90X program and sharing so openly with eachother.

    And I have no doubt that you and me will be able to hit our goal of completing a sprint triathlon.

    I like the sound of P90X Triathletes -- we may have to get T-shirts printed!

  5. Speaking of headwinds, do you have a set of aerobars? This gets you down in a more aerodynamic position to fight off those headwinds. They're good for those long straightaways too..and IMHO, more comfortable than riding upright.

    Now, doing both Legs & Back AND riding your bike is awesome. I'll bet you are sore today. I've never completed my Legs/Back & Yoga series without being sore, even using the recovery drinks. I can't imagine adding a bike ride to the mix. Congratulations!

  6. Steve, I just got back from a 12.5 mile ride! I cannot explain it but I woke up this morning expecting to be sore as hell and my legs felt great -- literally sprung out of bed to go make a protein shake!

    The wind was brutal again so I am going to have to get these aerobars .. I googled some and they are not cheap but today when the headwinds were beating me down i got low and cut through them... it would be nice to have a place to rest my forearms if I am going to continue to do this!

  7. I recently put a set of aero bars on my bike and they make a big difference. I also just ordered the cow horn type handlebars and aero bar shifters. I hope to get them on my bike in the next couple of weeks.

    Hmmm... P90X Triathlete T-shirt. Not a bad idea!

    Project Exercise