Wednesday, April 15, 2009

P90X Round 2 Day 87: Kenpo 10-Mile Cycle

Happy Tax Day! Happy Tea Party Day!

Crazy day today with work but I ended up getting home about an hour before dark and got a nice 10-miles in on the bike. Nothing special to report. I burned about 350 calories and the wind was blowing AGAIN. It was about 78 degrees today so the ride was just perfect and I am really enjoying riding my bike. The only thing that I am mad about is that I accidentally reset the odometer on my bike computer. I was trying to reset the trip meter and I hit the wrong button -- oh well, not a big deal.

The ride was a little difficult initially because I was very sore today. Probably because I did swimming and Core Synergistics yesterday. If you read the comments from yesterday's post you will see I am not alone in the "soreness from Core Syn" thing. It is just an awesome workout that brutalizes your whole body!

Tomorrow I am more than likely going to take the scheduled rest day. Mostly because I am short on time, but if I can squeeze in a little time I may go for a run!

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P.s. -- Yes, I am going to add a few more pictures. I'll do it over the weekend when I have time to edit them all together.


  1. Bummer about your odometer. I always do things like that with new gadgets!

    All this tri-training is taking its toll! Core syn was brutal.

    I have to see how my body feels tomorrow... I may have to schedule a rest day too.

    I am hoping we will acclimate to the tri-training soon!

    Project Exercise

  2. Two sets of people who most notice the wind: Pilots and bicycle riders!

    Kenpo was the scheduled workout of the day for me, but I chose Cardio X instead, due to soreness from Core Syn. I might have strained an oblique because I kept waking up on my left side all night, and my oblique was stiff all day. Cardio X was the perfect elixer.